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Down the Rabbit Hole: An Immersive Art Installation

*Upcoming events are subject to change

  • Between Oliver Brown and Kelly's Bar and Grill. View Map

"One of my primary goals has been to transform the subject of cancer with flamboyant and inviting aesthetics in order to mitigate the stigmatised perception cancer holds." - Bec Litvan

Head to Dining Level 3, between Oliver Brown and Kelly's Bar and Grill, where you can step inside the exhibition space and experience the incredible installation from 5pm - 9pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday 14 July
  • Friday 15 July
  • Saturday 16 July
  • Sunday 17 July
  • Thursday 21 July
  • Friday 22 July
  • Saturday 23 July
  • Sunday 24 July
  • Thursday 28 July
  • Friday 29 July
  • Saturday 30 July
  • Sunday 31 July

About Down the Rabbit Hole from Bec Litvan

Utilising a kitsch and punk-luxe aesthetic, this work takes an experimental approach in presenting cancer as a bodily glitch, while critiquing what I have discovered about my Soviet cultural heritage.

One of my primary goals with this video work was to create something which exuded “seductive toxicity”. A work which is dynamic, captivating and lulls you into a false sense of security before confronting you with its true subject matter. The subject of cancer is seen as toxic and shameful to discuss within my family, and within the Soviet community more generally. The vibrant visuals are used to impose a sense of playfulness and opulence, to camouflage the reality of cancer.

Overall, my aim has been to provide an empathetic perspective on artistic representations of cancer.

About Bec Litvan

Bec Litvan (b. 1994) is a Sydney based emerging multidisciplinary artist. Her work spans digital prints, sculpture, and installation. Litvan explores the bodily glitch and how this translates to the breast cancer body, using her mother as her inspiration. Her work is inspired by Soviet history and presents an eclectic set of iterations mixing medical and cultural aesthetics. By showcasing cancer with a flamboyantly kitsch colour palette, Litvan aims to create works that are interactive and immersive to contest and comment on social standards of the "taboo" and "inappropriate" which are present within her culture.

While you are visiting Down the Rabbit Hole, take a moment to explore our neon light installations as part of the Festival of Lights. For more information of family acitvties, entertianment and exclusive Westfield Miranda dining offers, visit our event page here >

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