How burgers can make the world a better place.


How burgers can make the world a better place.

When you order a burger at Grill’d, you don’t just have to decide whether to get fries with that. Each customer also gets a token that they can use to vote for a local community group. Every month, there are three new groups to choose from and the one with the most votes gets a $300 donation. The other two get $100 each, and since the Local Matters program started five years ago the nationwide chain has donated millions of dollars to over 15,000 community groups around the country.

As Grill’d Marion manager Josh Barr explains, “we like to say community groups instead of charities because we help everyone out.” So far that has included local sporting clubs, volunteer groups, awareness campaigns and charities tackling social and health issues. And it doesn’t stop there - when Grill’d Marion supported the Sturt SES Unit, the team members even joined them for a training night, cooking for almost 30 volunteers and learning some of their recovery techniques.

But it’s not just community groups that Grill’d is helping. Local farmers also benefit from a menu that uses fresh ingredients sourced from local markets and farms and delivered every day. That means fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives in the meals they serve, and with a menu featuring vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, this is not your average burger joint.

It’s all part of a broader philosophy to activate positive change in the world. As Josh explains, “Local Matters is a big part of our culture, and now we’re also looking at sustainability. We’ve scrapped plastic straws and are using paper-based straws, and then only if the customer wants one.”

Grill’d is also looking at other ways to take plastic out of their restaurants, like changing their takeaway packaging and sauce containers, so now you can get a meal that’s as good for the environment as it is for you.

Words by Alex Buxton-Collins

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