Ready for takeoff: essential travel beauty items


Ready for takeoff: essential travel beauty items

If you’re one of the lucky ones taking a much-needed holiday to escape winter, first, I envy you and second, you will need to get your beauty regimen in check before you head off towards relaxation and sunshine.

Travelling can be so exciting, but the only downsides are airports and aeroplanes, which dry out our skin and limit the quantity of our bottled beauty products. Whenever I prepare for travel, I ensure I have my beauty kit sorted for both on and off the plane. It’s important to keep all the necessities in your carry-on for easy access, as long as they're under 100mL.

Here’s a rundown of the essential travel beauty items you should pack in your beauty bag.

Rosewater facial mist

If there’s one thing I make sure to never ever forget is a bottle of spray-on rose facial mist. It’s God’s gift to all people who have restricted access to moisture and fresh air, as it'll give you a quick burst of moisture to leave you feeling fresh. Get yours at Jurlique.

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A small tube of intense moisturiser is essential on board a long-haul flight. A layer of moisturiser under your rosewater facial mist is expert-level skin-saving on the plane. Visit The Body Shop, Mecca Maxima and L'Occitane en Provence.

Image via @qvskincare on Instagram.

Lip balm

Dry lips usually turn into major thirst, not to mention cracks and lip cuts. Go for natural paw paw or lanolin lip balm products for lasting moisture on your lips. You can find a great range of lip balms at Priceline.

Image via @priceline on Instagram.

Sheet mask

Sheet masks are perfect for on your flight as well as when you touch down, because they’re quick and easy to use. If you’re not too shy, why not try a sheet mask on the plane, whether it’s a full face option or an under-eye treatment? If that’s a bit much for you in public, you can always add a mask right before bed to help your skin settle into its new environment. Visit Mecca Maxima.

Image via @meccamaxima on Instagram.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

You won’t believe what a difference brushing your teeth makes while on your flight. It can really turn you from feeling grubby to feeling fresh in no time and if you can add a swish of mouthwash, even better! Grab some travel size items at The Shaver Shop and Kmart.

Image via @shavershopau on Instagram.

Hair comb

Knotty hair is no fun, especially if you have to deal with it while waiting at the baggage carousel. A thin, flat comb will come in handy to keep your hair feeling smooth. Pick up a comb at Hairhouse Warehouse and Priceline.

Image via @hairhouseaustralia on Instagram.

Hair treatment

A mistake I’ve made previously is not equipping myself with the right hair products. This resulted in returning from an amazing European holiday with a head covered in straw. Be mindful that water is different all over the world and can sometimes have a negative effect on your hair, so be sure to keep your hair healthy with a treatment or serum. You can get quality hair treatments at Dose the Hair Company, Price Attack and Marion Hair & Beauty.

Image via @priceattackhair on Instagram.

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