Charlesworth Nuts celebrates 85 years


Charlesworth Nuts celebrates 85 years

For the past 85 years and 5 generations, Charlesworth Nuts have been making and selling the best and freshest nuts, fruits and chocolates in Australia. It all started in March of 1934 with humble beginnings.

We look back to when Charlesworth Nuts celebrated 44 years at Westfield Marion, just one milestone in Charlesworth Nuts 85 year history.

When Charlesworth Nuts first opened in Westfield Marion, Brett Charlesworth remembers that it looked nothing like today’s store. “We opened at Marion in ‘74, but the centre was totally different back then – this whole part of the mall didn’t even exist. We were in a kiosk in the middle of the mall and it would have been roughly located under where the cinemas are today. There was only one level at Marion back in those days.”

It was a big move for the 84 year old South Australian owned company, and one that worked well. As Westfield Marion has grown, so has Charlesworth and this is still the company’s busiest store by a significant margin. The store has moved and grown since 1974 and is currently in its third location in the centre, where it has undergone several large renovations since 1997.

From that original kiosk with a selection of dried fruit and nuts, the store has grown to offer 150 products. The vast majority of those are prepared in the Charlesworth factory, two minutes drive away “in the backstreets of Marion,” right down to the bows tied on the gift baskets.

Brett has overseen a lot of that growth – he took over the company three years after the Marion store opened – and his adult sons are currently preparing to take the company into its fourth generation. Alongside them are many workers who began their careers at Charlesworth as casual staff and when Brett’s brother Mark retires as CFO, his replacement will be an employee who started working at the Marion store 12 years ago as a schoolkid. Where the next generation will take the company is anyone’s guess, but the Marion store will continue to be an important part of the Charlesworth Nuts business.

1974 storefront

1984 storefront

2006 storefront

2012 storefront

2018 storefront

Words by Alexis Buxton- Collins

To celebrate their 85th birthday, they will be launching their VIPeanut
Club and all who sign up will enjoy 10% off store-wide from 22 - 26 March (offer available in all stores and online) . There will also be a competition for customers to win a Charlesworth gift valued at $85.

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