Weekends Surf Co. Winter is coming


Weekends Surf Co. Winter is coming

How To Stay Warm This Winter With Weekends Surf Co.

Game of Thrones may be over, but winter is still coming. And if you’re looking to stock up on gear that’ll keep you toasty when it gets colder than Judge Judy on a bad day, Weekends Surf Co. has everything you need.

Emu sheepskin boots
Staying warm doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fashion thanks to Emu’s stylish, super soft ugg boots. Made from water resistant Australian sheepskin with sturdy soles designed for the outdoors, they’re durable as well as comfortable. Natural fibres insulate your feet and provide breathability, meaning they’re still great to wear once winter is over and the only place to get them at Marion is Weekends Surf Co.

With hundreds of beanies in stock, you can find everything from polar fleece-lined mountain wear that’ll keep you warm in Antarctica to light cotton blends you can wear to the movies. And with a range of styles including pom poms, squares, reversible and patterned beanies, there’s one to suit every look.

Weekends Surf Co. hoodies
It only launched last year, and already Weekends Surf Co. branded clothing has been spotted on adventurers all across the world. Exclusively stocked at Weekends, the premium hoodies come in a range of pastel styles and two patterns that both feature a simple, iconic logo from the family-owned South Australian brand.

Yeti Rambler
Winter’s not just coming for you. It’s coming for your coffee as well, but these double insulated cups and flasks will keep your drink warm for six hours. They’re dishwasher safe, BPA free and they’ll keep drinks cool for just as long in summer meaning they’re good for coffee, wine and everything in between.

Rip Curl Flashbomb Wetsuits
Rip Curl is first and foremost a surf brand, and they know that the waves never stop. So they’ve designed the zipperless Flashbomb wetsuits with flash lining to keep you toasty in the water and dry the suit out within 20 minutes of getting out. And with the best range of Rip Curl products anywhere in Adelaide, Weekends is the place for wetties, boots and hoods.

Words by Alexis Buxton-Collins