Get a cosier night's rest with the perfect quilt from Adairs


Get a cosier night's rest with the perfect quilt from Adairs

It’s universally agreed that getting a solid shut-eye session is pivotal for good health and a focused mind. An interrupted night of sleep is not only incredibly frustrating, but when you suffer from sleep deficit it increases stress hormones in your body, something none of us want. Fine tuning the particulars of your bedding, especially your quilt, will bring you closer to the holy grail of slumbers. Key factors to consider before you commence feathering your nest include identifying whether you are a hot or cold sleeper (more to come on this), the weight of the quilt (important for comfort), the price, and finally, accounting for any allergy sufferers who frequent your bed.

The bedding experts at Adairs have carefully considered the unique needs of all sleepers and have designed a range of quilts to suit just about everyone. Made from high quality materials, the bespoke range is washable and long-lasting. Adairs also offer a five-year guarantee on their quilts, so you can rest easy that your new quilt will be around for many moons to come.

Read on to get acquainted with some of the key qualities to consider when choosing your new quilt this winter and get prepped for your cosiest sleep yet.

Warm or cold sleeper: find your ideal sleep temperature

According to most sleep experts, we sleep better when we’re a little bit cooler. However, different people have different benchmarks for ‘cool’.

Hot sleepers are those among us tossing blankets off in the night, not needing to sleep in much more than a T-shirt and a lightweight blanket - they generally feel comfortable without much covering them. Sound familiar? Lighter quilt fillings like cotton or wool, both of which highly breathable, are the best sleep buddies for hot sleepers.

Cold sleepers are the direct opposite. They feel the cold acutely and will generally need a warmer, down-filled, multi-layer wool or microfibre quilt which all provide higher heat retention.

Got a hot and a cold sleeper in your bed? Consider buying single quilts to suit the individual needs of each.

Pictured above: the Downtime Australian Cotton Quilt from Adairs is ideal for hot sleepers.

Weight: light and lofty or weighty and comforting?

It’s not something we think about often, but the weight of your quilt creates a very different feel while you sleep. Some people find a heavy-weight quilt calming, while others love to snuggle into something lighter and more weightless. Perhaps try your existing quilt with a second blanket on top to get a sense of whether you’re a heavy or light quilt person.

Microfibre, down and cotton quilts are ideal for those who prefer a lighter feel, while wool usually creates a slightly heavier quilt.

Pictured above: The Downtime Siberian goose down quilt from Adairs is the perfect choice for those who prefer a loftier quilt.

Allergy alleviation: set yourself up for a soothing night

If you suffer from Asthma, pollen or dust mite allergies, cuddle up to a wool or microfibre quilt. Wool is hypo-allergenic and doesn't contain any chemical substances that can irritate the airways. Adairs Downtime and Minijumbuk quilts are also treated with Ultra FreshTM for protection against bacteria, and are approved by the Asthma Foundation - so you can look forward to some soothing Z’s.

Allergy sufferers should avoid feather and down quilts, as they can make sneezing and allergies worse. The MiniJumbuk Wool Quilt is a great natural solution for allergy sufferers and is a good choice year-round.

Pictured above: MiniJumbuk Everyday Wool Quilt

Price: finding a quilt within your budget

A good quality quilt is an investment for years to come - it needs to fit your needs, but also your budget. Wool and down-filled quilts tend to sit at the very top of the price spectrum, while cotton and man-made fibre fills like microfibre are less expensive. However, if you are price-conscious and are looking for a quilt that has high heat retention, like wool or down filled quilts, new fibre technology might be the answer. Using innovative high loft fibre filling, the Downtime Luxury High Loft Quilt from Adairs is excellent for cold sleepers and provides a down-like feel at a less expensive price point.

Pictured above: Downtime Luxury Quilt from Adairs

Visit Adairs at your local Westfield to browse their full range and find your perfect quilt this winter.

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