Bushfire Appeal: support affected local SA communities


Bushfire Appeal: support affected local SA communities

The impact of the bushfires across Australia has been extremely devastating for local communities, wildlife, families and the wider nation. Supporting local businesses and regions that have been affect by the bushfires is so important to our country during the devastation, along with the recovery of these areas.

You can show your support through purchasing local South Australian produce from retailers in our centre, especially produce from the fire affected areas of Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills.

List of retailers that stock produce from Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills:


BWS stock a variety of wines from the Adelaide Hills, including affected wineries Hesketh Sauvignon Blanc, Brid in Hand Shiraz and Petaluma Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Cheesemonger

You will find a large variation of cheeses from Adelaide Hills at The Cheesemonger. From Adelaide Hills Goats Curd, Brie, Double Brie and Camembert to Organic Blue, Shropshire Style Blue and Blue Danish. And alongside cheese, you can find Adelaide Hills plum and apple paste to finish off your cheese platter. Kangaroo Island free range eggs and Raw Organic Honey can also be purchased from The Cheesemonger.


Carousel are our only independent fruit and veg grocer in centre, providing fresh and high-quality produce. A large portion of the grocer has premium package pastas, Mediterranean picked veg and quality condiments, dressings and sauces, which all products proudly South Australian. Made in the Adelaide Hills are salad dressings by Foods from the Edge and 100% Australian Raw Honey stocked in the grocer. Kangaroo Island free range eggs can also be purchased from Carousel.

Manuel’s Seafood

Why not purchase fresh fish from our independent fishmonger? Boar Fillet, Gurnard and Rockfish all freshly sourced from Kangaroo Island.

Go Vita

Go Vita have quite a variety of honeys in store, and you can find Kangaroo Island Honey from Living Honey and LSBeez stocked.

For more information on how you can shop in solidarity, click here.