Go Vita: co-create your own  health and beauty products


Go Vita: co-create your own health and beauty products

Did you know it's easy, affordable and fun to create your own beautiful health and beauty products?

Join The Aromartist and her team for a fun and educational event where you will create your very own natural health and beauty products, minus the nasty chemicals that are so often hidden in our everyday health and beauty regimes. We can promise you a night of aromatic treasures and simple natural solutions. Ditch those toxic perfumes and household cleaners for something handcrafted, effective and life-enhancing.

After participants have been introduced to the event by 'The Aromartist' studio they will cycle through 3 creation stations to make their own natural products. Each station has a focus: Home, Beauty & Wellbeing. We have staff from The Aromartist and Go Vita who are able to assist particpants with information and cost-saving strategies. Feel free to grab a cup of tea and stay on to mingle with staff and participants.

There are four different start times and three stations to move through. Event should wrap up by 8:45pm.