Go Vita: Womens Hormonal Imbalances Consumer Seminar


Go Vita: Womens Hormonal Imbalances Consumer Seminar

  • Go Vita, Level 1 Marion Cultural Centre. View Map

    Price: $20.00

Go Vita Marion & Colonnades in conjunction with Herbs of Gold extends a warm invitation to attend this year’s consumer seminar on Women through the Ages hormonal imbalances.

Maintaining healthy hormone balance is essential for women of all ages, and in this seminar, we’ll explore how imbalances between oestrogen and progesterone can disrupt other hormones in the endocrine system, amplifying the effect of hormonal imbalances and symptoms, and what you can do to support healthy hormone balance relating to:

  1. Oestrogen metabolism
  2. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  3. Menopause
  4. Thyroid health
  5. Sugar metabolism
  6. Chronic stress This seminar series will explore what drives hormonal imbalances and linking their many symptoms.

SPEAKER: KAY BELLINGHAM from "Herbs Of Gold" NATIONAL TRAINING EXECUTIVE B.HSC. NATUROPATHY CERT IV TRAINING & ASSESSMENT Kay has been with Herbs of Gold for over 9 years and is a University qualified Naturopath with many years of both clinical and industry experience. Kay, as the National Trainer for Herbs of Gold, is able to provide easy to understand solutions for complex health issues with real life examples that make sense.

LIMITED NUMBERS TICKETS $20.00 with a $15 redeemable on any Herbs of Gold product.