Hit rewind on the DVD player


Hit rewind on the DVD player

It's time to rewind the tape on our fave 90's classics. From strutting our stuff in New York with the Sex and the City gals, to sitting on the Central Perk couch with our favourite Friends cast members, and well duh... CLUELESS, this Spring, we're feeling reminiscent of the old school TV shows we're missing.

Which Sex and the City character are you?

There's no time like the present to answer the age-old question... which Sex and the City character are you? Whether you're a workaholic who owns more pant suits than there are days in the week like Miranda, or live a totally pristine and polished life like Charlotte, the talk of the PR world like Samantha, or the advice giver of the group like Carrie, there's no denying that their personalities exist in every friendship group.

Take a seat on the Central Perk couch

Name a better theme song-intro combo, we'll wait... If you haven't gone through a binge-watch period where Rachel and Ross's on and off relationship dictated your emotions, well quite frankly, we don't believe you.

EB Games have also hopped on the revival trend this season, with a Friends themed Monopoly game. A run of 10 seasons and 236 episodes sure earns the show a place in television history...

Ugh. As if!

We are still totally envious of Cher's high-tech closet, and am equally as confused as to why we don't have one yet?

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