Because sometimes one hit is all you need….


Because sometimes one hit is all you need….

Everyone has that song. You know the one. It that takes you back to the schoolyard days, your first heartbreak, your 21st birthday, your first kiss…

Some famous one hit wonder bands existed barely long enough to record their lone hit, while others continued to plug away for years after their (brief) moment at the top. Some revel in the notoriety their hit continues to brings them, while others see that hit as the very thing that killed their career. Whichever way you look at, and no matter the era you grew up, the world is filled with one hit wonders.

This spring, trends are undoubtably taking hints and inspiration from the past, and there is a strong focus on #revival. So, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane by asking our team to nominate their favourite one hit wonder of all time. It’s time to sit back and reminisce on the best of the 80’s, 90’s and noughties.

Poison (Bardot)
Do you remember the Aussie pop group that gave Sophie Monk her start?

Jump around (House of Pain)
Did you know the song was originally offered to Ice Cube?

Blue (Eiffel 65)
It's guarenteed to be stuck in your head ALL day long now.

You get what you give (New Radicals)
This tune was voted as one of the greatest ever one-hit wonders.

Mambo No. 5 (Lou Bega)
You know Monica chose this one..

Run to Paradise (Choir Boys)
An iconic 80's Aussie rock song, which has hit our Spotify playlists again thanks to it featuring on the new McDonalds ad.

MMMBop (Hanson)
How can we forget the Hanson boys? Who didn't have a crush on them..

Pass the dutchie (Musical Youth)
Did you know a dutchie is a Carribean cooking pot?

Boom Boom Boom Boom (Venaboys)
Did you know it was named the fifth 'worst ever summer songs'

Did these songs bring back some sweet nostalgic thoughts? Well, why not head into JB Hi-Fi to get your hands on all the latest, and (old school) greatest tunes. Whether you’re after a vinyl record, a CD or an iPod to store all your favs, JB Hi-Fi has you covered.

The revival is on at Westfield. No matter how you choose to throw it back this season, Westfield Liverpool is here to help you shake things up.

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