Repairs and services: these retailers are here to help


Repairs and services: these retailers are here to help

Need your phone repaired? a dress mended? or a suit dry cleaned? These Westfield Liverpool retailers are here to help. Priding themselves in providing quick and afforable services for our customers.

Phone Repairs

Smashed your phone case and need it fixed? We have all been there! Located on level 2 is That Fone Shop, they are the answer to all your mobile phone problems. If you are looking to have your phone repaired or want to replace your phone case with the funkest case on the market, Glitch is your one stop shop!


Need a hem adjusted in a flash before that important meeting? Head to Unique Clothing Alterations or LookSmart Alterations. They both specialis in a range of services including high quality clothing alterations.

Dry Cleaning

Urgently need that dress dry cleaned before the weekend? Head to Lawrence Dry Cleaners and they will sort you out. Offering a professional, efficient and economical dry cleaning service and alteration service.

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