Information for Mobility Parking Permit Holders


Information for Mobility Parking Permit Holders

Your licence plate is your new ticket

We’re improving your parking experience by introducing a new parking system, Park+, that will make your parking easier, faster and smarter from 25 November, 2019.

Park+ uses licence plate recognition technology to capture your entry and exit to the carpark, and removes the need for paper tickets.

Register now for a fast and easy exit

Register now with your licence plate number and Mobility Parking Permit, so you can simply finish your shopping experience and make your way straight to your car and exit without delay.

How do I register?

  1. Register an online account at and register your details.
  2. During the registration process, ensure to select ‘I have a Disability Parking Permit’
  3. Once you have registered your online account please visit the Concierge Desk on Level 2 with your Mobility Parking Permit to complete the verification process.

Why are we making this change?

After talking with you we discovered that parking has been a challenge in the past and this new system will mean less congestion, easier entry and exits and a more efficient experience, all without the hassle of paper tickets.

Register once

Once you have registered and your permit has been verified you will no longer be required to visit the Concierge Desk on each visit to receive the validation. The free parking validation will apply automatically each time you enter the car park.

How will it work?

The licence plate recognition system will record your time of entry upon arrival. Those visiting with a Mobility Parking Permit registered on your Park Westfield acount, will be able to proceed straight to the exit gate without delay as the licence plate recognition system will acknowledge your disability parking permit and the boom gate will open automatically.

What if you’re not registered?

If you’re not registered for PARK+, please visit a member of the team at our Concierge Desk on Level 2 to receive the validation for the day.

How many vehicles can you register with the same Disability Parking Permit Number?

You can register two vehicles on the Park Westfield Account, however only the ‘Primary’ plate listed on your account will receive the validation. Therefore, prior to arriving in centre you will be required to log into your Park Westfield Account and change your registration details. Alternatively, please visit our Concierge Desk with your Mobility Parking Permit and a daily validation can be applied to your license plate.

For more information, please visit or ask a member of the team at our Concierge Desk on Level 2.


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