Go Green: It’s never been easier to do your part for the planet


Go Green: It’s never been easier to do your part for the planet

From small, everyday habits to supporting the sustainability efforts of retailers, it's never been easier to join the eco-friendly movement.

3 Easy habits for going green

Who says you need to compromise to go green! Check out these daily tips that will help you do your bit of the planet!

1. Love your reusable coffee mug

We Novocastrians love our coffee and clutching on that piping hot cup is often what gets us through the chilly mornings! So why not swap your daily disposable for a reusable one?

Find your perfect reuseable cup up at Mr.Sister Coffee, Jamaica Blue or David Jones.

The same goes for drink bottles! Stay hydrated on the go while reducing the use of plastic bottles by purchasing a reusable drink bottle. As an added incentive, bottled water is also more expensive per litre than petrol so your wallet will be thanking you too!

2. A storm in a teacup

From an antioxidant rich green to a calming chamomile, tea can be both warming for the body and mind. While one teabag may seem insignificant, the culmalative impact from the world's tea drinkers is one of the largest avoidable by-products of food waste. Your can reduce your carbon footprint one teabag at a time but switching to loose leaf tea (check out The Tea Centre on level 2) for some of our favourites!) and using a reusable infuser. If you must use a teabag, look for brands that utilise biodegradable, unbleached options that are not only better for you (bleached teabags may leak small amounts of potentially toxic chemicals) but also Mother Nature too!

3. Bag it up

While Woolworths and Coles supermarkets have now removed plastic bags from their checkouts, it's easy to stretch that little bit further and reduce the number of paper and plastic bags from our other retail purchases. Store a rolled-up, portable shopping bag in your handbag and it'll be ready to be whipped out whenever you fancy some retail therapy.

Sustainable materials

We are loving the sustainable products our retailers have come up with!


Since the brand's inception in 2007, Gorman are committed to crafting a minimum of 25% of their products from GOTS certified organic cotton. The label also utilises other sustainable fibres such as tencel, recycled polyester, non-mulesed merino, recycled cotton fibre and raw rattan linen in their collections.


It's easy to fall in love with the fashion brand's boho chic persona but Tigerlily's commitment to producing clothing and swimwear with a low environmental impact has led to the use of natural, recycled and sustainable fabrics in their line, manufactured using a variety of environmentally responsible processes. Find out more about Tigerlily's sustainability practices here.

Politix in David Jones

Politix has launched its first range of products that promote the sustainable sourcing of cotton across their polos, t-shirts, shirting, denim and knitwear. Their Better Cotton Initiative method teaches millions of farmers smarter and more sustainable farming practices to improve yield whilst lowering environmental impact. Check out the full story here.

Return & recycle

Many of your best-loved beauty and lifestyle brands are already breaking ground in this space. As part of their sustainability efforts, these retailers offer a recycling service in-store.

Sheridan in David Jones

With over 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles sent to landfill each year, Sheridan are making it simple to return, recycle and renew. Leading the way as Australia’s first homewares brand to offer a solution to textile waste, Sheridan runs a recycling program through their stores.

Simply donate any branded old quilt covers, sheets and towels to their store and receive 10% off your next purchase over $100. Find out more about how you can recycle with Sheridan.


Bring any clothing you no longer want in-store and Zara will either donate these pieces in aid of not-for-profit organisations or recycle and transform them into new fabrics. Find out more about Zara's clothing sustainability program.

Finally, making quality purchases is the most important first step to cutting down on clothing and product waste so go green today and do your bit for the environment!

Hero banner image: innisfree Green Tea Farm