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Emelia Jackson’s top 10 baking essentials every kitchen needs

The summer holidays are the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen, so we asked Masterchef winner and baking extraordinaire, Emelia Jackson, about her top 10 baking essentials to help you get the most out of your time in the kitchen. Although you don’t need to be a professional baker to reap the delicious rewards of a good baking session, it certainly helps to have a few key tools on hand. Stock up on these must-haves and read more of Emelia’s tips to start impressing your loved ones with decadent desserts.

1. Ice cream scoop

An ice cream scoop is a must-have for those who love to bake cookies and cupcakes. It ensures an even amount of dough or batter are scooped each time, meaning perfectly consistent cookies and cupcakes.

2. Offset spatula

The offset spatula is probably my most used tool in the kitchen. It’s a must-have for icing cakes, smoothing out batter in a pan, levelling off a tart filling and more.

3. Turntable

This makes icing a cake an absolute breeze - smooth sides every time!

4. Tart tin

I love baking tarts so it’s no surprise that this beautiful tin is on the list. Super versatile too – it can be used for sweet tarts, savoury quiches and even pies.

5. Loaf pan

A loaf pan is another of my must-haves – I love baking sandwich bread in it, but am also a big fan of travel cakes / loaf cakes. Lemon syrup cake anyone?

6. Cake pan set

When making a multi-layered cake, it’s easiest to bake in layers. Baking in layers will shorten the baking time of the cake which will ensure that you end up with a soft cake that hasn’t dried out in the oven.

7. Marble cake stand

If you’re going to go to all that effort of baking something, you’ve got to show it off! This marble cake stand is perfection.

8. Silicon baking mats

Not only are silicone baking mats a more sustainable option, but they also help to evenly cook the base of your cookies / cakes / whatever you’ve placed on there. It retains heat and evenly distributes it, creating a more even bake.

9. Kitchen scales

Baking is a science, so getting the measurements right is key. A bit too much flour can be the difference between nailing a cake and the texture being slightly off. A quality set of scales can double as kitchen décor and make life so much easier when it comes to baking.

10. Mixing bowls

Having at least two mixing bowls will save you needing to wash up mid-way through a recipe that calls for different components. Opt for glass or something with a non-slip silicone bottom.

What are your tips for a beginner baker who's just starting out?

Be patient when baking! Always read the recipe thoroughly and preheat the oven! Use room temperature eggs and butter for best results – and check out my list of must-haves for getting started and setting up your kitchen.

What tool do you absolutely need in your kitchen and reach for more often than you think?

An offset spatula – I use this all the time. Pastry stuck to your bench? Run an offset spatula underneath to loosen it. Need to level off lemon curd in your tart shell? Offset spatula. Need to flip a fried egg? Offset spatula. Is there anything it can’t do?!

What do you always have on hand when you're baking a cake before getting started?

The recipe! Unlike some other types of cooking, baking is a science, so best not to make it up. A solid tried and tested recipe will set you up for success.

Do you have any tips to style and store baking tools in the kitchen?

Honestly? No. My baking draw is a mess!

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