Introducing PARK+


Introducing PARK+

A smarter parking experience is here

Westfield Kotara has improved your parking experience by introducing licence plate recognition technology. This means there are no paper tickets to allow for faster, easier entry and exit, to get you out of the car and into the centre to do what you came for.

Why did we make this change?

After talking with you we discovered that parking has been a challenge in the past and this new system means less congestion, easier entry and exits and a more efficient experience, all without the hassle of paper tickets.
You still have the first 3 hours free. Your parking is still free if you stay for 3 hours or less. And you will still receive free parking when you enter the car park after 6pm.

Register now for a fast and easy exit

Simply register with your licence plate number and credit or debit card now. When you finish your shopping experience, make your way straight to your car and exit without delay.

Register online today

How does it work?

Licence plate recognition records the time of entry upon your arrival. Those visiting for three hours or less will receive free parking and can drive straight out, with the boom gate opening automatically. If your visit is longer than 3 hours, the amount will be directly debited to the card provided or you can provide payment at pay stations or exit gates. you can still validate your cinema ticket to receive an additional extra hour of parking, please keep a hold of your movie ticket and visit one of our Pay Machines to scan the barcode at the bottom of the ticket, type in your licence plate number to receive an extra hour.

What if you’re not registered?

If you’re not registered for PARK+ you can either:
• Enter your licence plate at one of our pay stations and pay with cash or credit card.
• Insert or tap your credit card at the exit gate.

Same day re-entry

If you exit the centre and want to return on the same day, there must be 45 minutes between exit and re-entry to receive another 3 hours free parking period.

Skip the queues

Register for PARK+ to avoid pay stations and get home faster – simply drive out, and if there are any parking fees due, we’ll automatically charge your card and email you a receipt.
No ticket needed, your licence plate is your new ticket
No more scrambling to find your ticket. No more fee for a lost ticket. No stopping at the entry gate. We take a picture of your number plate when you enter and exit the carpark.

Check entry time

Keep track of when you entered the car park by typing your number plate into a pay station near the centre entrances or the digital directory screens.
For more information please visit one of our Information Desks on Level 2, near Concierge, to speak with a member of our team.

New car spaces now open

New car spaces are now open on Level 1 carpark outside fresh food entrances and banks.
To access these car spaces, you can now also enter via the new Cynthia Street entrance which is off Northcott Drive.

Within the new area there are new disabled parking spaces. On Level 1 we now have 20 disabled car spaces available; ten outside The Cheesecake Shop, six in the new area opposite Newcastle Permanent and four near the Woolworths entry doors. The spaces are just some of the 500 undercover spaces, which are open on Level 1 in front of Coles and Woolworths.

A new car spaces have also opened on Level 2M & 3, bringing over 200 additional new spaces for cars and also linking the Level 3 Rooftop parking so customers can now drive a complete loop. The new car park also features 730 solar panels in the shade canopies and an artwork installation by renowned local artist Mitch Revs.

New express exit ramp now open

Want a speedy exit from Level 3? Try the new express ramp for a direct journey from Level 3 on The Rooftop to Level 1, exiting onto Northcott Drive or Park Avenue.

Car park entrances:

  1. Park Avenue express ramp - the first entry ramp after the traffic lights when coming from Northcott Drive. This entry will give you access to all upper parking levels.
  2. Park Avenue Traffic Lights - From Park Avenue turn into the centre and take a left turn at the round about for Fresh Food parking. Alternatively, turning right at this round about will give you the best parking for Valet and Level 2 David Jones.
  3. Cynthia St entry - this entry reopened in December along with more car spaces outside The Cheesecake Shop. This entry will give you access to all upper parking levels.
  4. Lexington Parade - access this entry by turning off Park Ave at the Shell petrol station. This entry will give you direct access to level 3 and 4 as well as access to lower parking levels.

Parking for The Rooftop restaurants and Event Cinemas

During core centre trading hours:

  1. Lexington Parade - access this entry by turning off Park Ave at the Shell petrol station, turn left upon entry and follow the restaurant/cinema signage

After core centre trading hours:

  1. Park Ave express ramp - the first entry ramp after the traffic lights when coming from Northcott Drive, park on any upper level and use lift to Level 3 or park on Level 3 at the entrance to The Rooftop
  2. Park Ave traffic light intersection entry - Level 1 outside Woolworths/Coles and use lift to Level 3

Core centre trading hours:

Monday: 9am - 5.30pm
Tuesday: 9am - 5.30pm
Wednesday: 9am - 5.30pm
Thursday: 9am - 9pm
Friday: 9am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

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Do you have a question?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or phone - or 02 4016 2571.