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Aje: Summer 22, Sequence has arrived


Aje's Summer 22 collection, entitled 'Sequence', explores the concept of maths in nature, grounded in the Butterfly Effect, otherwise known as 'Chaos Theory' in the field of mathematics.

Captivated by the idea that the most minute of actions can have monumental impacts, designers Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris reflected on the notion that the beat of a butterfly's wings can have an ever-expanding ripple effect on the world at large.

This theory of nonlinear patterns made the designers look to other naturally occurring mathematical phenomena; the presence of the Fibonacci sequence in flora and fauna, the beauty of symmetry and asymmetry, the creation and repetition of patterns, the flow of water and movement of wind and tide.

An exploration of the beauty found in the world’s glorious formation, find inspiring prints of cascading botanical flora, butterfly-like details constructed in silk linen blends and organza, hand-painted waterfall ombres, precise cut outs and elaborate pintuck pleating in grand silhouettes.

In ode to the forces beyond our control that form our existence, Aje’s Summer 22 collection is a cascade of construction, designed for the wearer to make waves in their life and those of others.

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