STEM Storytime


STEM Storytime

  • Little People Nutrition , Level 2 The Little Cubbies. View Map

    Price: This event is free

STEM storytime is a session for children to learn through STEM-based stories. They will get the opportunity to explore these stories further and learn how to approach problem-solving as a "Little Rad Scientist".

About Little People Nutrition
At Little People Nutrition they believe that food nourishes our bodies. It also connects us with people – our families, friends, culture and community; as well as our environment – where food comes from and how it is raised and grown. We believe that it is important to nurture the love of food in children. That by helping them gain a greater respect and understanding of it, will give them the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with food, their community and the environment.

Please note
Parent/carer supervision and assistance is REQUIRED for these workshops. Only children attending the storytime need a ticket.