Westfield Knox Halloween checklist


Westfield Knox Halloween checklist

Halloween has really taken off in Australia over the past few years, and if you’re like many Aussies, it may feel like you’re not really sure how to prepare for it.

Well, we are here to break it down and help you get sorted - all you have to remember is; decorations, costumes and food! Simple.


Unlike other holidays, Halloween decorations go up and come down in a relatively short amount of time, so you want the process to be pretty painless. In most cases, people simply decorate the front deck to signal to the neighbourhood kids ‘this house is open for trick-or-treating.’

Presuming you don’t want to turn your front yard into a cemetery, a few of these effective basics can work wonders.

  • A Jack-O-Lantern – You can always carve your own, but the light-up one from Target is a great cheat.

  • These 'Bag of Bones' skeletons from Target are creepy and only $10!

  • Serve up your Halloween Candy in this spiderweb bowl! Only $1.50 at Kmart.


For those of you who are looking for a traditional Halloween option, The Reject Shop, Kmart and Halloween Alley have an excellent selection of costumes for kids (and kids at heart!) Here are some of our favourites.

Ghouls, Ghosts and Monsters
This year, in addition to the skeletons and witches there is a great range of zombie, werewolf, vampire and reaper costumes. If your kid is going for one of these looks, try adding some dark circles under their eyes with facepaint or make-up. Some of these costumes come with masks, but if your child isn’t a fan of having things on their face for an extended period, (most aren’t) you can just pop it on the back of their head.

Harry Potter Characters
Head to Target or Kmart for Harry Potter costumes - they are tipped to be huge again this year!

You can take the look to a whole other level with some simple additions:

For Harry; draw glasses and a scar on the child’s face with face paint crayons from Kmart or Target.

For Hermione; find a hair crimper from Priceline or Target to help you get the hair spot-on!

Wear-again costumes

If you would prefer to buy something that can be worn again and again, there are a lot of costume options you can create from regular clothing and PJ items.

Stranger Things
With the resurgence of retro kids’ fashion, you can easily put together an '80s-inspired costume out of items from Cotton On or JayJays. All you need is runners, tube socks, some short shorts and a retro tee.

A sporting hero
If your child is more interested in soccer or footy than spooky costumes, simply head to Rebel or AFL Store and deck them out in their favourite team’s uniform.

Halloween food

Whether you’re hosting a party, preparing for trick-or-treaters or just adding something spooky to the lunchbox, there are lots of great options available. But make sure to be organised, as often the Halloween lollies sell out a day or two before!


  • A mandarin can be turned into a tiny jack-O-lantern with a black marker.

  • Make sure that the lollies you are handing out to trick-or-treaters are individually wrapped.

  • Don’t forget to pick up some goodie baskets for your kids, these ones from Kmart and Target are super cute!

  • If you’re hosting a party and want your food table to look amazing, you don’t have to prepare a crazy amount of novelty foods. Just choose orange or black colours where you can! You can also pop some eyeballs on regular treats and sprinkle the table with fake spiders.

Head to Coles to get stocked up on your Halloween essentials.

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