Create the ultimate Spring Racing Grazing Table


Create the ultimate Spring Racing Grazing Table

The Spring Racing season conjures up thoughts of beautiful florals, champagne, good company and indulgent, fresh food. This year, you can bring the Birdcage to your home, finding everything you will need at Westfield Knox.

Eve Houghton from Plentiful Catering, one of Melbourne’s top Grazing Table Caterers, has all the tips you need to create an edible centrepiece for your event. A Grazing Table will ensure you can enjoy your day as much as your guests. It is a low stress, delicious catering option that also looks divine. Using ingredients found at Westfield Knox will save you time, guarantee the quality of the ingredients and, with multiple stores, you’re bound to find what you need to make any taste buds dance.

What ingredients to use

Plentiful Catering recommends using a wide variety of ingredients to ensure all of your guests feel there is something for them.

Fresh seasonal fruit

Seasonal fruit in spring includes berries, figs, grapes, pears, plums and peaches. These can be found at MarketPlace Fresh. While you’re there, pick up some dried fruit and nuts. We love dried coconut, apple and bananas as well as walnuts and pistachios.

Delicious Antipasti

Your favourite deli at Westfield Knox will provide a smorgasbord of antipasti ingredients. Picture yourself devouring a charcuterie board on a Greek Island and shop for that. MarketPlace Fresh or Coles will be able to provide you with everything you desire from Kalamata Olives and Greek Feta to Marinated Octopus!

The finest cheeses and meats

A soft cheese, hard cheese and a mild blue and at least two types of meat should keep your guests content. High-quality meat and cheese products can be found at MarketPlace Fresh in the deli or deli section of Coles.

Bread and crackers to tie it all together

Good quality bread is a must-have. Finding a freshly baked sourdough with a fluffy inside and crunchy crust is easy at Bakers Delight. When it comes to crackers, find an option that looks interesting and has a rich colour; the standard sea of savoys will leave your grazing table looking brown and dry. We love Ob Finest Goji Berry and Coconut crackers from Coles or MarketPlace Fresh .

Timeless styling for any occasion

Start by setting up the bones of your grazing table. Do you want to use props such as cake stands and breadbaskets? Or do you prefer a flat-lay graze? I recommend using lots of florals and foliage to bring a feeling of spring into your home. Scatter your platter boards, dip bowls and florals on the table so they’re ready to have food woven between them.

Start with the ingredients that will last the longest such as crackers and nuts and leave the perishables such as cheese, meat and dips until last. At Plentiful Catering, we like to pair high colour contrasting food next to each other to really set off the aesthetic of your grazing table; For example, black grapes next to white cheese. Creating a sea of colour and texture is key. Make sure every gap in your platter is filled to give a feeling of abundance and density. For a harmonious flavour palette, keep strong tastes such as blue cheese, olives and chocolate away from each other and pair strawberries and chocolate, crackers and dip and cheese and quince paste together.

Grazing tables are a show stopper for any event

To make the perfect Grazing Table for the festive season, try adding a wreath of holly and festive food. We love incorporating cherries, ham and mince pies, and decorating with pinecones and candles.

For more ingredient ideas, visit the fresh food section of Westfield Knox and browse the delicious, fresh product.

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