5 kids lunches that won’t get left behind


5 kids lunches that won’t get left behind

We all know oh so well how fussy kids can be when it comes to eating, and there’s nothing more frustrating than preparing lunch for your child, only to have half of it left on the plate. Here are 5 lunch ideas to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters whether they're at school or at home.

1. Healthy homemade pizza

If your child is tired of sandwiches, give this simple homemade pizza a try! Pick up some bagels or English muffins from Coles, slice them in half and load each side up with tasty toppings. Start with tomato or pizza sauce paste, add shredded ham, sliced cherry tomatoes, and of course, a handful of cheese! Pick up the freshest ingredients from Coles or MarketPlace Fresh. Once you have your toppings sorted, simply place your pizza into the oven for approximately 15 minutes on 180°C.

Image credit: @colessupermarkets

2. Rainbow Beef Burritos

Half the battle when getting kids to eat their lunch, is making the food and ideally, veggies look fun. Your little one will love these rainbow beef burritos packed with colourful vegetables, different textures and loads of flavour. Start off by lightly pan frying some beef strips and allow to cool. Place pita bread flat, add thin strips of sliced capsicum, shredded carrot, lettuce, a drizzle of mayonnaise and beef strips. Roll it up and cut in half to make it easy for little hands to handle. Shop the freshest ingredients from Coles or MarketPlace Fresh.

3. Bread-sushi

Give the classic sandwich a simple makeover by rolling your bread slices into tasty ‘sushi' rolls. All you’ll need is a fresh loaf of bread from Baker's Delight, and your choice of fillings. It really is as simple as it looks! Start by cutting the crust off and using a rolling pin, gently roll out the bread, stretching it ever so slightly. Our go-to fillings are cheese, ham, baby spinach, finished off with a piece of sliced tomato. Roll up your creation and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy sushi style sandwich. Pick up your ingredients from Coles or MarketPlace Fresh.

Image credit: @bakersdelight

4. Chicken Nugget Wraps

This one’s for the big kids to enjoy! Bake chicken nuggets from Coles until golden. Select a large, crisp, ‘cup’ style lettuce leaf such as a cos lettuce gem that has a deep boat shape. Assemble sliced vegetables at the bottom of your lettuce ‘cup’ and add your chicken nugget on top. For the dressing; mix yoghurt, lime juice, cracked pepper and a pinch of salt. Finally, drizzle your dressing over the lettuce wraps. Bon Appétit!

Image credit: www.woolworths.com.au

5. The Classic Roll

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic! It all starts with the perfect bun. Pick up a bag of freshly baked rolls from Baker's Delight.Slice the roll in half, or better yet, cut through twice for a triple decker sensation. Spread a thin layer of butter or avocado and layer with your favourite fillings. Nothing beats crispy lettuce, grated carrot and roast chicken. All of which you can find from Coles or MarketPlace Fresh.

Image credit: @bakersdelight

Looking for something to keep their bellies topped up until lunch is ready? Why not pick up a little snack like some freshly roasted nuts from Go Vita while you’re at it. They are healthy, nutritious and delicious!

No matter what your kids prefer, there's bound to be an option to suit their taste.

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