Kids' craft activity: DIY kite tutorial


Kids' craft activity: DIY kite tutorial

We have been getting our craft on in a serious way this week, and it was all sorts of fun. I know we usually go for smaller tutorials, but it was time to up the ante. What do you think, would you be game to try your hands with a DIY kite? As far as projects go, this one suits a slightly older child better, but is still a very achievable activity for crafters of any experience level.

We used greaseproof paper because it’s light and surprisingly robust, but it does mean the kite will probably need a touch up after a few outings. So far so good though!


Greaseproof paper
Sticky tape
Craft glue
Wooden Dowel


  1. Cut your dowel into two pieces, one a little longer than the other. Now carefully use a knife or small saw to cut a notch in each end of the dowel for the string to sit in.
  2. Make a ‘t’ shape with your two pieces and tie them together with your string. We used a knot called a Square Lashing, tied it off and put a dab of glue on it to avoid fraying.
  3. Tie some more string around the edges of the dowel, so it sits in the notches and makes the frame of the kite.
  4. Now roll out your greaseproof paper, if it’s not wide enough, just stick two pieces together with your tape.
  5. Next, put your kite frame on the paper and cut around it, leaving a 5cm overhang to fold over the string, glue and sticky tape down.
  6. Once you have folded, glued and sticky taped all the edges, flip it over and get painting! You can also tie any ribbons you want to decorate it with at this point.
  7. Once the paint and glue are dry, cut a short piece of string (around 30cms) and tie each end to either side of the longer dowel. Now get the end of the ball of string and tie it to the middle of the 30cm piece. Good work, your kite is ready to fly!

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