Immerse 2019


Immerse 2019

What is Immerse?

Immerse is an art exhibition that transforms the City of Knox into a living art gallery. Extraordinary art takes over every day spaces - inviting the public to encounter the unexpected.

For the month of September, 49 artworks created by 44 artists are showcased alongside workshops, talks and events in local spaces throughout Knox.

From installations in local shopping centres to performances by creeks, sculptures in greenhouses, photography, light installations, painting and murals, Immerse represents a wonderful selection of innovative artistic styles and thought provoking work.

You will be able to see the installation and artwork within the centre. Here's who will be featured at Westfield Knox. To learn about the Immerse 2019, click here.

Fausto Gallego

Fausto is a Colombian-born, Melbourne-based illustrator wanting to take over the world. Having resided in Australia, enabled him to explore different cultures in a city that is abundant with art, diversity. Most of his life he has been self taught, however he has a degree from Swinburne University in Arts and Interactivity, and a Diploma of Visual arts with Drawing Book Academy.

With a lot of hard work, sweat and laughs Fausto has spent nights and days working on his characters and art, and draws on his experience as an animator. “They all move into this space in my mind, each have a story either drawn or written”.

Artist Statement

As a species we have to consume substances to continue existing. Eating (albeit for survival) is an excuse for being connected with our local community and this is visualised in some of the faces, races, sexual orientation, age of people in my work that might represent your neighbours.

The idea of sharing a story is represented by the sharing of food in my work. I was fascinated as a kid by the scene of two dogs eating a bowl of spaghetti as a representation of love, acceptance of different races, social economic status and the understanding that ultimately all they need is to survive.

Coming from a big family, I’ve always had to settle personal differences at the dinner table. Moving from Colombia to Australia, I have arrived in a country known for the diversity of cultures and am impressed at how we can overcome differences in each other and just be human.

I use a juxtaposition of strong and calming colours to portray a sense of brightness and fun, with flat colours to separate both the objects and the viewer. As a whole the viewer is pulled into the image, together to make it into a large table.

When: 27 - 30 August day painting.
The completed mural can be viewed from 1 - 29 September.
Time: 10am - 6pm.
Where: Level 1, Centre Court next to Valleygirl.

Harrison Binstead

Harrison is a 24-year-old photographer and graphic artist from Gippsland, currently residing in St Kilda.
Harrison has always enjoyed creative outlets from a young age; film/digital photography, drawing, graphic design, painting and sculpting. Now he still shares a passion for these things, especially film/digital photography and graphic design.
He has completed an advanced diploma in photo imaging and has been fortunate to work and study alongside other creatives throughout the years and this has fuelled his passion to create more than ever. Currently his interests revolve around the ideas of abstraction and minimalism within photography.

Artist Statement

camera has the ability to capture any subject that is in front of the lens. But what does it capture if there is nothing visible in front of it?

Ljos Og Rymi Redux is an exploration photography’s ability to capture light, space and colour. Inspired by Mark Rothko’s Colour Field paintings, I use a similarly minimalist and abstract aesthetic to create luminous images, that engage the viewer and inspire the imagination. Using large-scale images full of luminous contrasting and complimentary colours, the work engulfs the viewer with something simple yet expressive.

The essence of photography is key to this work as by virtue of the medium, it has the ability to capture light - requiring just film or a sensor and light to create an image. After taking my first image of this series I was astonished that something as simple as light could appear so interesting.

I have an advanced diploma in photo imaging and have been fortunate to work and study alongside other inspiring creative, which has fuelled my passion to create art more than ever. Currently my interests revolve around the ideas of abstraction and minimalism within photography.

The light installation can be viewed from Melbourne Street, Ozone from August 23.

Veronica Caven Aldous

Veronica works with diverse media, public art and discussion panels. Her interest lies in the history of non-representational art and has completed a PhD in light art at Monash University, and a MVA at the VCA based around colour field painting, Melbourne. Veronica has had 17 solo and more than 40 group exhibitions in Melbourne and Perth. In 2015, she won the Contemporary Sculptors Association Annual Award. She has also been a finalist in the Mary & Lou Senini Award, McClelland Sculpture Gallery, Langwarrin, the Albury Art Prize, the Emerging Artist Award, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong and the VCA Atheneum Club Visual Arts Award, Atheneum Club, Melbourne.

Veronica works as an artist/curator and has curated: 2018, Talking Circle, You’ve got a mouth, ACCA, as part of the Feminist, Unfinished Business, in 2016, a group show the spaces are as important as the words, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, and in 2010, a group show Substance, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne. She has co-curated: Light as Energy, Globelight 2016, at Off the Kerb and Abbotsford Convent, and in 2015, f generation: feminism, art, progressions, MUDfest and George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University

Artist Statement

I work with diverse media, both indoor and outdoor public art, and discussion panels. I have a long-term interest in art theory, art education, and the history of non-representational art.
In the Immerse festival I will be using 3 main modes of communication over 2 sites.

The first site is in the Community Hub, where I will project a video titled Psychedelic Sun and use a subtle aromatherapy, an Australian Bush Flower Essence called Space Clearing, to set up an immersive space titled Engaging with Space. This proposes an intervention and opportunity to slow down and relax in the middle of a busy shopping centre.

The second site I will set up is a Talking Circle. This is a free afternoon tea space, to allow passersby and the artists in the festival to linger and aims to facilitate discussion about Art’s relevance in public spaces. This installation space may capture those transient moments of response and enjoyment of art in a collective way.

Many of the components I use in my work are recycled and I donate to Greenfleet to carbon offset my art practice.

Veronica will be located in the Community Hub next to Marketplace Fresh, level 1 from Saturday to Tuesday each week for the month of September.

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