A message to our Loyal Lowes customers


A message to our Loyal Lowes customers

Lowes, Level 1

A message to our Loyal Lowes customers

Lowes is a 100% family owned business surviving many trials and tribulations spanning over 120 years.

The word ‘Family’ is at the heart of our core values. It is a love for our people, our customers and our community that centres around everything we do. We make it the highest of priorities to put your safety and our staffs’ wellbeing first.

Covid 19 is an unprecedented situation requiring a very swift and active response.

We at Lowes have reviewed the Federal Government’s health and safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of the disease and are putting into practice procedures designed to protect you, our valued customer.

Effective immediately Lowes has enforced the following safety practices:-

• Disinfecting and sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces that you may come into contact, such as our point of sale machines and eftpos machines, counters, hangers and changeroom doors and handles.

• In addition to the touch points we have instructed all our staff to be vigilant by following proper hygiene ensuring they use the Lowes issued sanitizer gels, disinfect high traffic areas and wash their hands at all possible opportunities.

• Staff members who feel ill or are experiencing any symptoms they are to stay at home and seek the appropriate medical intervention.

• Our staff are heavily communicated to by our human resources department to ensure they are up to date with the latest news and actions required to minimise the Covid 19 spread.

We can assure you that none of our stock is compromised and that our supply chain is taking equally serious measures to reduce the transmission on all our inventory.

We are hard at work to keep our stores open, and our online shopping services ticking over, so you can continue to get what you need for your family.

Hoping for your continuing support to ensure the survival of an Australia owned iconic retailer for another 120 years.

Thank you for your loyalty stay safe, at Lowes.