Sumo Salad | Heat up the street

Sumo Salad | Heat up the street

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Winter can be a tough time for many Australian families. An estimated 13% of all Australians are living below the poverty line, with the colder winter months being a particularly challenging time. This winter, SumoSalad will continue the partnership with Ozharvest using #heatupthestreet to spread the warmth and help make Australia an even healthier and happier place.

For each Sumo meal shared using our Instagram frame and the #Heatupthestreet hashtag,  Sumo will deliver one meal to a person in need via Ozharvest.

One meal #shared=one meal delivered.

Try these hot specials to share:

  • Double Chicken Mexican Wrap - $9.95
  • Any Regular Made to Order Grain Bowl and Soup Slammer - $12.95
  • Any Regular Deli Salad and Soup Slammer - $12.95
  • Any Made to Order Wrap and ‘Mount Franklin’ 600ml or Lightly Sparkling 450ml - $11.95