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Inspiring students in partnership with South Metropolitan TAFE

Westfield Innaloo is excited to be partnering with South Metropolitan TAFE again in 2022, after the success of our collaboration last year.

Working closely with a group of 5 fashion business students, we gave these fresh up-and-comers the opportunity and creative challenge to flex their design skills, by visual merchandising our display cabinets in centre this season.

Get ready to feel inspired as we take you through their creative journey and finished designs below.

Vote for your favourite display

We invited our Westfield Plus members to vote for their favourite design and get the chance to win a $250 Westfield Gift Card*. The winning group of students has now been chosen and revealed in the Westfield Plus app. Not a member? Join now and download the free Westfield Plus App today >

The brief and concept

To create an Autumn/Winter fashion display for Westfield Innaloo that’s unique and visually striking. Students worked in small groups to ideate and bring their visions to life through sketch, moodboards and graphic design.

Pictured: The moodboard that students created and used as inspiration for their design.

Pictured: The final concept and digital impression that students worked towards.

The big reveal

We’re proud to unveil the below concepts in our centre. Brought to life in true form, from the creative minds of South Metropolitan TAFE students. You can see that their creative journey from the initial moodboard and digital design phases came to fruition.

VM cabinet 1

VM cabinet 1

VM cabinet 2

VM cabinet 2

On your next visit to Westfield Innaloo, be sure to stroll past Coles and to appreciate these eye-catching displays. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and in-the-know for all things fashion this season.>

The talent behind the design

Meet Michael, Kay, Colette, Ruth and Isabel, the masterminds behind the design. Read on to discover their inspiration, challenges and favourite moments working with us.

Why did you choose to study Visual Merchandising?
Michael: I was inspired to pursue Fashion Business and Visual Merchandising because of a friend who was a student in 2021. They did amazingly during their time at South Metro TAFE and I would like to hopefully live up to their standards.
Colette: I love using my imagination and so Visual Merchandising turns my ideas into real life.
Kay: I chose to do visual merchandising because I wanted to explore all aspects of creativity in the fashion industry and learn how to represent a brand and idea through VM.
Izzy: I chose to do visual merchandising as I have always been a more creative/hands on person. I enjoy all aspects of it from designing, to bringing the look to life.
Ruth: Visual merchandising is a way of conveying the store's message to the customers through product displays and visual elements in an artistic way rather than just speaking to them about a product. I enjoy how you can create a whole story with it.

What did you enjoy the most about this project?
We enjoyed the process of coming up with our concept and bouncing off each other's ideas to get to the design we have now. Something that was also really rewarding for us was receiving such positive feedback and confirmation of our concept from Westfield.

What inspirations did you draw upon to create your design?
As we transition from season to season, it’s important to remember them in the moment. We took inspiration from the natural landscapes around Australia with a focus on Autumn and Winter. Our concept captures each season in its beauty, showcasing Australia’s nature as it changes in colour.

Who did you partner with to bring your concept to life?
Pyromax has been able to cater for all our design ideas and needs from cutting and printing props and assisting us to install our display.

What was most challenging about this project?
Our group has been affected by illnesses and absences. However, we managed to find ways to make our vision come to life despite these challenges.

This successful partnership has provided students with practical experience, working with timelines, budgets and suppliers from different industries. Most importantly, it gave students a public podium to spotlight their creative work for our community and retailers to enjoy.

As a result of this collaboration, two of the 2021 Fashion Business students who participated in the program have gone on to work with the suppliers who helped the students with bringing their displays to life, providing further invaluable industry experience.

You can find more info on Fashion Business courses at South Metropolitan TAFE here >

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