Level 3 community murals


Level 3 community murals

To celebrate Youth Week 2018, we celebrated the talent within the community, asking local Youths to help us bring the meaning of Diversity to life through a mural now displayed in centre, Level 3 (Fashion).

We went out on a search to find the best talent to collaborate with us and established artists Cory Nichols from Born Ready Art.

To express their interest, participants were asked to send us an original artwork that spoke to what Diversity meant to them. Here’s what our winning entries, said about Diversity:

‘Do not be afraid of your uniqueness, your diverseness, because this is you individual strength. Through this strength others can learn, become more accepting, become united.’

‘Like light refracting through a pyramid we all go different ways and are different colours, but it’s important to remember we all came from the same source’.

‘It only matters what you ‘label’ yourself’ – Accept your individuality, this just adds to our colourful and diverse world.

‘We should all stand as one; we should continue to encourage equality and diversity of thought amongst us.’

Our artists have brought to life the meaning of 'Diversity' and we couldn't be more proud.
Come in and check out their work.

Youth Week Artists

| Chrystal. R , Zoe. B, Zoe. C (All aged 15)
| Catherine. W (Aged 14)
|Fatima. B and Charlotte (Aged 15)
|Jade. S (Aged 16)
|Sarah. EA, (Aged 18)

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