Some of Australia's famous TV commercials from the 80's and 90's


Some of Australia's famous TV commercials from the 80's and 90's

If you’re a child of the 80’s and the 90’s you probably got home from sckool (spelt the kool way) to watch your favourite TV shows. Most likely hating the adverts growing up but can’t help now have fond memories of the ads that used to annoy you.

Let’s take out the TV remote and rewind back the 35mm film and look at some of Australia’s classic commercials that still have some valuable recall today!

“You oughta be congratulated” become the motto of the 80’s when you used Meadow Lea Margarine in your daily life, whether it’s putting a slab of margarine on your hot potatoes or on a slice of bread.

Who can forget Mrs Marsh selling the importance of dental hygiene to the youth of Oz. On the box from the 1970s Mrs Marsh snapped a stick of chalk that had been dipped into a glass of blue dyed water, to show how Colgate toothpaste penetrated the enamel to protect teeth.

What about Australia’s version of the Hamburglar, when Smith Chip’s introduced the Gobbledok and was on our screens from 1987 - 1994. Obsessed with eating and stealing “Chippies” wherever he could.

“It’s Australia’s favourite way to get the day under way. Thicker, softer, sorbet”
The best choice when wiping your behind.

Let’s not forget what we called raunchy back in the day. With the famous quote for pantyhose brand Antz Pantz with “Sic ‘em Rex” when a pet echidna would eat ants crawling up a backpacker’s leg. Then made famous by Nicky Hilton and Kimberly Stewart in a remake of the famous commercial.

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