Top tips for fasting this holy month


Top tips for fasting this holy month

Ramadan is a month of blessing marked by prayer, fasting and charity by up to 600,000 Muslims in Australia. Ramadan is a ‘spiritual training ground’ for Muslims to improve their relationship with god and themselves.

Families will get together each evening when the sun sets, this is called Iftar which marks the end of fasting. While iftar is an enjoyable time for families coming together, for some who are trying to maintain good eating habits, it can be daunting.

Having a balanced and nourishing iftar is important as it’s the meal that replenishes and helps to sustain the fast for the following day. It is also a great way to encourage good eating habits after the fasting month.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you make it through the fast and support healthier eating habits ongoing.

Hydration is key

Known to all but easy to forget, is that drinking water will be the best way to prevent dehydration. And as much as you can, steer clear of sugary drinks. But if you’re feeling like something a bit different drinking freshly squeezed juice, milk or even soup during the winter, will help with your hydration levels.

Dates, dates and dates

And we mean the food eating type of dates
Dates are a great way to break the fast at the start of the Iftar meal as they are a nutritious burst of natural sugar. During the fasting hours if you tend to feel low on energy, begin your iftar with 3 dates to replenish your sugar levels.

Eat greens and lean protein

Vegetables provide many nutrients and a feeling of fullness so, the more colourful your salad, the better.
Aim to eat protein such as beef, yogurt, eggs, fish, poultry and cheese which are easy to digest and will provide all the benefits without saturated fats. You can find the freshest ingredients and more from

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Most of all, take it easy

After fasting all day, the first thought is to eat quick and overload on food, which can lead to indigestion. Controlling your portion sizes will help to prevent this. But, remember at the end of the day it’s all about balance, enjoy time with your family and a sweet treat… or two.

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