What to wear this Lunar New Year


What to wear this Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Style 农历新年时尚风格

Always a fan of tradition and festivities in general, I’m delighted to see that the Lunar New Year is becoming a more widely-known and embraced cultural celebration in Australia. I remember growing up, my mom would buy me and my brother new clothes to wear during the New Year, and we were always so excited to put on our red outfits for the first time, while being handed red envelopes, or money packets, from the elders. Since I’m in the celebratory state of mind, I wanted to share the effortless ways you can celebrate in style this Lunar New Year with four different outfits.


Statement Blazers 红色的西装外套

Pair a structured red blazer with a pair of red shorts to add a splash of sophistication to your Lunar New Year look. The colour red signifies joy and good luck in the Chinese culture, and it’s common to see people dressed head to toe in red to visit relative’s houses, while the kids receive red packets from the elderly.

红色西装外套搭配一条红色短裤可以为您的农历新年打扮增添一份精致感。在中国文化中,红色代表着欢乐与好运。因此,你可以看到街上的人们常常从头到脚都穿着红色去探访亲戚朋友 . 孩子們也會藉這個探訪的機會跟长辈们收红包呢。

Bardot Top and Shoes


Silk Separates 丝绸上衣和裙子

I have two tips for dressing up red silk - a simple, sophisticated clutch and some sleek snakeskin heels. Silk was first developed in ancient China, and then started spreading across to the Western world during the Han dynasty. It was this lucrative trade and sought-after luxury item that lent its name to the infamous Silk Road, an extensive trade route that connected the East to the West. Today, wearing and wrapping gifts in silk symbolizes wealth and good fortune.

红色丝绸該怎麼搭配呢? 你可以試著背一个精致的手拿包和配上一雙时尚的蛇皮高跟鞋。 丝绸最早是在中国古代发展起来的,然后在汉代的時候开始传播到西方。 這條丝绸正是以丝绸之路(Silk Road)为名的奢侈品。 今日,穿丝绸和用丝绸包装礼物象征着财富和好运。

Bardot Top, Skirt and Earrings | Forever New Shoes | Sheike Clutch

Bardot上衣,裙子和耳环| Forever New 鞋子 | Sheike手拿包

Matching Florals 花卉

One of the reasons floral prints are perfect for the Lunar New Year is because flowers symbolize rebirth, fertility and new growth. It is customary for Chinese families to have fresh blooms around the house during reunion dinners and daytime family gatherings.

花卉印花極适合农历新年服裝打扮的原因之一是因為花朵象征着重生,生育和成长。 在农历新年期间,人們的屋子里便充滿著鮮花,等著新的一年燦爛绽放。

Sheike Top, Shorts and Earrings | Forever New Bag and Shoes

Sheike上衣,短裤和耳环 | Forever New 包包和鞋子

Gold Accents 金黄色韻味/元素

This lurex knit cami in the most stunning shade of gold is sure to turn heads. Gold symbolizes completeness and wealth. I’ve toned it down here with some everyday denim and a pair of flat leopard mules. You can also opt to up the bling factor with a gold bag. I’m loving this cute Mimco bag for the Lunar New Year celebrations, especially paired with a gold printed headscarf for good luck.

这款金色背心实在是會令人过目不忘。 黄金色象征着财富。 我在这里搭配了一條日常牛仔裤和一雙豹纹平鞋。 您还可以选择背个金色包包来提升金光闪闪的元素。 我很喜欢这个可爱的Mimco包. 如果包包再搭配金色印花头巾的話會更完美。

Bardot Top, Jeans, Shoes and Headscarf|Sheike Earrings

Bardot上衣,牛仔裤,鞋子和头巾| Sheike耳环

Beauty Notes 美容笔记

You can rarely go wrong with a red lip, wavy hair and glowing skin. Fresh curls always put me in a happy mood for celebrations, however, make sure you’re getting your haircut or blow-dry the day before, for it’s a common superstition in Chinese culture that cutting or washing your hair on the first day of Lunar New Year means getting rid of your luck for the whole year.

如果你想要一個絕不會出錯的裝扮,就搭配红唇,波浪形髮型和光滑明亮的皮肤吧。 俐落的卷发总让我心情愉快,但是,記得在除夕那一天先把頭髮打理好,因为在中国文化裡的習俗年初一是禁止剪发或洗头的。

Styling, Words and Translation: Joanne Phua of Bam It’s Joanne 造型, 文字和翻译: 潘佩莹

Photography: Steven Woodburn 摄影: Steven Woodburn

Location: Taste of Shanghai 地点:Taste of Shanghai

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