Nostalgic 90's snacks


Nostalgic 90's snacks

Cheez TV, Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites and Healthy Harold. The 90’s were a golden era to grow up in, and these nostalgic snacks were the icing on the cake, literally...

Remember these triangular treats? These ice blocks were the epitome of summer.

Fairy Bread
Any 90’s party that didn’t involve fairy bread wasn’t worth the lolly bag at the end of the day.

Despite the hazelnut dip being an imitation Nutella, Dunkaroos were irresistible for sweet-tooths.

Mamee Noodles
Years before Mi Goreng made its entrance, babies of the 90’s fuelled their playground fun with these dried noodles.

Bertie Beetles
Ah the delicious chocolate which was filled with small honeycomb pieces. Nowadays, the only way you’ll get your hands on these treats is at carnivals.

Despite being shaped as men, they had seasoning that stained the fingers and salted the lips- jackpot.

When you had to use a tiny red plastic stick to spread Vegemite on a cracker, a total nightmare. However, they still made it into lunch boxes every day.

Who needs fresh fruit when you’ve got a roll of processed fructose? Roll-ups were keeping dentists in business during the 90’s.

A container that was filled with a little cheese, mystery meat and crackers that made you feel like a grown up preparing your own lunch.

No 90's lunchbox was complete without a packet of these bad boys.

A colourful tube of yoghurt that was designed to make the most boring (and nutritious part) of lunch enjoyable.

Tiny Teddies
This little packet of goodness held a lot of currency in the schoolyard marketplace, everyone wanted a packet in their recess break.

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