Politix: do good and feel good with the Better Cotton Initiative


Politix: do good and feel good with the Better Cotton Initiative

Politix, Level 2

Politix are committed to making more conscious choices, so you can too.

This autumn winter season Politix will launch its first range of products that promotes the sourcing of cotton as Better Cotton across all major categories including:

• Polos and t-shirts
• Shirting
• Denim
• Knitwear

The Better Cotton Initiative method teaches millions of farmers smarter and more sustainable farming practices, using the following six environmental principles; including efficient water use, conservation of natural habitats, concern for soil quality, preservation of fibre quality, minimal environmental impact of crop protection methods and promotion of decent work.

Politix is one of the many companies supporting a revolution that aims to make cotton a more sustainable commodity. Positive mass industry change? That is something we can all be a part of.

By buying these cotton products from Politix, you’re supporting BCI Farmers and a responsibly grown cotton industry. That’s a pretty good thing.


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