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La Cosmetique: Pick your toner pads

La Cosmetique

What are Toner Pads?

If you are someone who has used your toner with a cotton pad, then you will definitely understand the annoyingness of pouring toner on the cotton pad on daily-basis. Yes, it is simplistic itself to do so, but imagine having to re-enact it everyday. Therefore the revolutionary Toner Pads enters the room.

For those who don't know, toner pads are cotton rounds that are soaked in toner that could have various functionalities to fit different skin types. The cotton pads usually come with a rough side (for mild exfoliation) and a smooth side (for hydration). With the combination of the applicator and toner, applying toner has never been easier. Continue reading to see the benefits of toner pads, types of toner pads and how to pick your toner pads.

Benefits of Toner Pads

  • Cleanse & Micro-exfoliate: As someone who wears makeup almost everyday, I know how much residues makeup could leave on my skin. If you wear makeup or sunscreen, then you need to be aware of the hazards of not giving your skin a good cleanse! Pores will be clogged and skin will look dull, causing your skin to age quicker than ever. One simple way to solve the issue is to use toner pads. The rough side of toner pads could effectively remove makeup residues and dead skin cells off the skin by a few gentle swipes, resulting in a much smoother complexion.
  • Quick kick of moisture: Each piece of toner pad usually has a generous amount of toner that gives your skin that extra boost of moisture, resulting in softer and clearer skin. As I have mentioned, toner pads usually has a rough side & a smooth side. While the rough side is used for exfoliation, the smooth side can be used as a mini mask on areas that are particularly dry or rough.
  • Timer saver: I don't know about you guys, but I always struggle with time-management in the mornings, and it is impossible to complete each step of my skincare routine without running late. Toner pad is therefore a life-saver to me, that I could cleanse and hydrate my skin in one go. Plus, some toner pads have got a cooling effect that helps me wakeup during the mornings.
  • Easy to travel with: Have you ever travelled with a whole bag of skincare products? Well toner pads will definitely make your life easier. Just put a few pieces of it in a ziplock bag on the go.

What Types of Toner Pads are Available?
Check out our blogpost for toner pad recommendations for all types of skin! Also, for more skin care products, visit our website or visit us in store.

La Cosmetique

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