Hurstville's world of sushi


Hurstville's world of sushi

About International Sushi Day

"You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy sushi, which is kinda the same thing.”

In the last two decades, it’s become a bit of a sensation, the traditional Japanese meal known as sushi. Often considered to be simply raw fish, and thus snubbed by many people, the truth behind what sushi is is more complex, and it can be a delicious repast for those so inclined. International Sushi Day celebrates this delicious meal and seeks to raise awareness about the truths and fictions surrounding it (

What's happening?

Giant Sushi Sculptures by amigo and amigo

We've teamed up with the amazing and skilled team at amigo and amigo to create Giant scale Sushi sculptures in centre to celebrate and kick off our 4 day festival. Come see our three Sushi Plates, each 2m in diameter and all three made out of fashion accessories and clothing! Find out more here.

Snap and share #sushiheroes2018 to WIN

Want to WIN? We're giving away the coolest salmon sushi socks and a $50 Westfield Gift Card. For more details click here.

Kids sushi craft station

Kids get crafty mkaing the cutest mini sushi rolls and inari with coloured felt and cotton balls! For more details click here.

Sushi Hub: wasabi sushi eating challenge

Are you game enough to try our Sushi Hub: Wasabi Challenge? Its pretty simple, select a piece of sushi and bite into it. If it contains wasabi, you WIN! For further details, click here.

Hero Sushi: Kids sushi masterclass (Saturday)

In this hands-on workshop, kids will learn the art of salmon cutting, enjoy a sushi making demonstration and make their own delicious and tasty sushi to take away. For more info, click here.

Sumo suit wrestling

Fun for kids big and small - are you ready to wrestle? Find out more here.

Sushi Hub: Kids sushi making workshop (Sunday)

In this hands-on workshop, kids will enjoy learning the fundamentals of sushi making, as well as the health benefits of Japanese cusine and cooking. Kids will create their very own thick sushi roll out of a variety of healthy and fresh ingredients (cucumber, tuna or chicken available). For more details, click here.