Bed Bath N' Table: Global Diversity collection


Bed Bath N' Table: Global Diversity collection

Introduce an eclectic style into the home with Global Diversity; an expertly curated collection of vibrant colours, exotic patterns and artisanal finishes.

As eclectic as it is considered, this home living range perfectly melds together a globally-influenced collection of homewares that is as colourful and diverse as the cultures from where inspiration was drawn.

From as far as Morocco across to the Middle East and through the Orient, a unique array of cultural influences inspires a perfectly mismatched collection of patterns. Painterly abstracts, folksy floral, bold tapestries and graphical shapes draw us toward an eclecticism that evokes a feeling of folklore and tradition.

Celebrating the distinctive crafts of colourful and diverse cultures, this inspired collection of traditional techniques and handcrafted, artisanal finishes offer a glimpse into the culture behind the hands that made it.

Bed Bath N' Table





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