Links to learning - Project W pop up businesses


Links to learning - Project W pop up businesses

Come and support the students from Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus as they operate a business that they have designed and developed with the guidance and leadership of the Westfield Hurstville Team and 3Bridges Youth Zone

When: Every Tuesday (6th August – 3rd September 2019)
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: Centre Court, Level 1

As part of the Links to Learning program funded by the Department of Education this program has seen 15 boys from Hurstville Boys undertake a project to learn how to plan, open and run a small business inside Westfield Hurstville.

• Term 1: Selected group of students were coached in business skills including marketing, stock control, budgeting, retail standards and customer service.
• Term 2: Students worked on what businesses they would like to develop and operate. They purchased their products and began working on their marketing campaign.
• Term 3: Students will operate their businesses here at Westfield Hurstville, each Tuesday for 5 weeks; starting 6 August 2019.

All funds raised through this program will be donated to three local charities the boys have chosen.

Key objectives of the program:

• Promote learning through creative expression
• Develop confidence and higher self esteem
• Enhance social and personal skills
• Feel accepted and valued by their school community
• Improve school attendance
• Actively engage in positive learning experiences that provide a purpose and meaning
• Improve literacy and communication skills
• Develop practical mathematical skills

About each of the businesses:


Our buisness will sell magnetic balls, 1m iPhone charges and earphones. We believe our products are things which can be used easily and are also popular with the public, this ensures that many people will buy our products.

Meet Mohammed (13), Damian (14) & Mustafa (13)


Stressed? Why not visit our squishy toy business ‘Satisfying’. We have a range of different options including slime, stress balls, squishes and bobble heads. Great as a stress reliever for young and old. Our secret tactic is to be exceptional with customer service.

Meet Ibrahim (14), Oliver (14) & Taj (14)

Go 2 Store

We have a variety of cheap products to suit all your needs! In need of a candle, keychain, bluetooth earphones, car chargers or tech gadgets? We have it all! We believe teamwork, cooperation, communication and persuation is key to be successful. And of course we care about or customers opinions and thoughts.

Meet Deon (14), Araki (14) & Reuben (14)

Candy Crush

Life is short make it sweet! With out love for candy our business will be selling candy and snacks. We believe communication, cooperation and quick thinking are skills we need in order to be successfull. Our secret tactic is to put items in a group for a certain price, for example 4 for $1.

Meet Kevin (14), Jenish (14) & Harrison (14)

Crazy Tech

Have you ever wanted to buy an electronic item quickly and without being overwhelmed by a huge selection? Well ‘Crazy Tech’ will be able to help you quickly with items such as headphones, speakers and car chargers. We believe good communication, confidence and coordination are the skills we need to sell to be successful.

Meet Pawaan (14), Adam (14) & Dion (13).