Essential kitchen classics worth investing in


Essential kitchen classics worth investing in

You might wonder whether investing in premium kitchenware is worth it. Yes, definitely is! It takes more than good technique and quality ingredients to cook your meal to perfection. Having the right tools will not only improve the taste of your dishes, it will also enhance your cooking experience and save you a lot of time.

Start by investing in these classic kitchen essentials and witness your cooking transform into art. These nifty gadgets and state-of-the-art cookware are versatile which will ultimately save you from buying dozens of other tools that clutter up your kitchen.


The KitchenAid stand mixer is well-known for making baking a breeze. Not just that, it saves time and can whip up a variety of dishes like creamy garlic mash, classic French puree, silky smooth Chinese dumpling and more with supreme ease.

Its additional attachments allow this superhero appliance to perform a wide range of tasks from dicing, shredding, mincing to juicing. It can morph into a food processor, juicer and pasta cutter.

The KitchenAid’s engine is powerful yet ultra-quiet while its versality will help save a lot of space in your kitchen. This style icon does not belong in any cupboard. Available in various models and joyful colours, this kitchen hero deserves to take centre stage on your kitchen bench.


Winter is gone but the casserole is here to stay. A pasta ragu, or an earthy ratatouille is appreciated throughout the seasons. Le Creuset casserole is truly a one pot wonder that does it all from stews to slow cooked dishes, tender juicy roasts to freshly baked bread and cakes. Casseroles are perfect for an effortless meal with the Le Creuset Casserole transitioning from stovetop to oven.

Why Le Creuset? Established in 1025 in Fresnoy le Grand - France, Le Creuset have maintained their hand-crafted techniques even today. It is famous for heat retention and distribution, which is crucial for slow cooking.

Le Creuset casserole’s stylish range of cookware in beautiful colours make it a welcome guest at any dining table. This fantastic cookware will also surprise you with its ability to keep food at desired temperature during long, relaxed meals.


Stir fries are a weekday dinner-time favourite, healthy and easy to make. All they need is high heat but this is where it can be tricky. Limp, brown and soggy stir fries are often the result of ingredient-overload and lack of heat.

“A great stir fry starts with the right pan”, says American wok master Grace Young. Woks made of poor quality materials might cause a significant drop in temperature as soon as the ingredient touches the surface.

For crisp and bright stir fries, look no further than Le Creuset Wok Cerise. Its flat base maximizes the surface area that touches the burner. Cast iron ensures maximum heat is distributed evenly from the bottom to the edge of the wok. Let it do the hard work, all you need to do is to select your favourite ingredients and sauces. This wok is another kitchen multi-tasker, doing well with braising, steaming and poaching.

It is quite easy to clean and maintain these kitchen classics. Both KitchenAid and Le Creuset are dishwasher-friendly. However, with cast iron, avoid plunging hot cookware into cold water as even the most durable on the market like Le Creuset might experience thermal shock. To remove any stubborn residues from cast iron, soak in warm water before washing and use a soft abrasive pad.

If you follow care instruction on these products, they are guaranteed to last a lifelong of artful cooking.