Go Urban Oasis: Lush plant spring range


Go Urban Oasis: Lush plant spring range

Gro Urban Oasis, Level 3

You read that right, our Spring plant collection is now in store and is ready to help you live the #lushplantlife at home.

We've all been a bit flat this winter - and so have your plant babies!  But now Mother Nature is shaking off the blues and new growth is bursting, delivering you maximum green for Spring. 

One by one they will arrive, all the special things you've been waiting for - giant alocaias (Elephant Ears), String of Pearls or Pileas to name a few!  The classic collection will be stocked in all their splendour from leafy Peace Lilies to on trend Monsteras to the striking Ficus Elastica in Burgundy. There is a shape and colour to suit any space.

Our fab team in store are always on hand to give you the help, guidance and nurture you need with these plant decisions. That's why our customers keep coming back - we are with you for the growing journey.

Come get #springjoybygro

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