Wannabees: Superhero Disco


Wannabees: Superhero Disco

  • 21st

    Sat, 7.30am - 9.30am.

  • Hosted by Wannabees, Level 2 Near dining precinct. View Map

    Price: $20.00 all children 12 months and over. Adults are free.

Dress up the kids in their favourite costume and enjoy a spectacular night full of fun, lights and the latest music on a laser lit stage.

Wannabee's cafe will be open during the night and will have a special menu on offer. You can B.Y.O wine or beer (including glasses). Arrive at 5:30 as their team will start with a traditional city tour where kids visit the TV Studio, Fire Station, Restaurant, etc. After the city tour, some rooms will close to give way to the best music and games for the whole family.

Tickets will be available online only and they’re strictly limited. Click here to book now.

*This event is free for annual pass holders. Head to Wannabees.com.au for more details.