Lorna Jane: sustainability is not a luxury, it's the future


Lorna Jane: sustainability is not a luxury, it's the future

At Lorna Jane, we challenge the status quo and our initiatives continue to push boundaries in producing the best quality activewear on the planet — empowering our customers to ‘buy better, not more.’

Our brand message of ‘You Deserve Better’ transcends across so many more facets than just our Activewear. Our customers deserve better Activewear, our planet deserves better care and each and every one of us deserve to live a life with positivity and purpose.

You Deserve Better – Activewear
The consumption of fashion is changing and people are looking to make more mindful choices and invest in quality over quantity, function over trend and versatility over variety.
Lorna Jane checks all these boxes- technical fabrics that are performance tested for fit and durability, designed into figure flattering pieces that effortlessly evolve from workout to work to weekend.
Why invest in a pair of jeans or suit pants that lend themselves to one purpose when the functional and styling opportunities of Lorna Jane are endless.

Spread a little love to the planet when you next upgrade your wardrobe and you won't have to sacrifice style or fit while you're at it – choose Lorna Jane.

How you can get involved-
As valued brand ambassadors of Lorna Jane you are a natural extension of our brand and what we represent which is why we need your help in making more positive changes in your daily life.

Some ideas;
• Always use a reusable/keep cup for your morning coffee (maybe mention the company we have discounts with?)
• Use a reusable water bottle instead of single use throw away bottles (because plastic water bottles look better on you as recycled fabric than they do polluting the planet)
• Bringing your own bags to the supermarket to carry your groceries
• Choose paper or metal straws over plastic

Image credit: @sarahlouise_lifestyle

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