Easy Christmas reindeer makeup


Easy Christmas reindeer makeup

Get prepped for Christmas dress-up parties with this a-doe-rable reindeer makeup tutorial.

Step 1
Apply white face paint to your forehead, cheeks, chin and above your lip and blend with a makeup sponge. Available at Cosmetics Plus.

Step 2
Dust a deep bronzer along the sides of your forehead, down both sides of your nose and under your cheekbones. You can keep applying product to get a nice dark contour, but be sure to blend out any edges for a smooth transition between the white facepaint. Try 'Savvy Bronzer' available at Priceline.

Step 3
The key to this doe-eyed look is definitely the eyeliner. Trace from the inside corner of your eye all the way to the outside corner, finishing with a thick wing. Try Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner from Priceline.

Step 4
Use a black liquid lipstick (available at Cosmetics Plus) to fill in the nose. Then draw a line from your septum to the top middle of your lip and completely fill it in. Coat your lashes with your favourite black mascara and you're nearly done.

Step 5
The finishing touches! Use your liquid eyeliner to create cute little dots above your lips. Use white facepaint to draw little spots along your temples and cheekbones.

Pop on a pair of reindeer antlers from Kmart or Target and you're reindeer ready. Now go 'sleigh' those Christmas costume parties!

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