Which animal print are you?


Which animal print are you?

Over the decades, animal print has shape-shifted from trendy to timeless – and it’s having yet another moment in the sun.

Wear it to dial up the fun of an otherwise understated ensemble or sport it head-to-toe for maximum roar factor. Like the fashion editors are preaching, animal print is your new neutral because it basically goes with anything. Here are the prints that’ll have you on the prowl.

Leopard print
Easily the most stalked of all the animal prints, leopard is classic, flirtatious and daring. Work it into your workday wardrobe in the form of statement coats, midi dresses and pleated skirts, boots and blouses.

Jaguar print looks very similar to leopard, aside from its larger rosettes with spots in the middle. You’ll likely find it in a stylish sheer turtleneck, skirt, sandal or swimsuit.

Monochromatic zebra stripes might not get as much attention as feline prints, but they’re worth a look too. Because they’re rarer, you’re far less likely to show up to a gathering matching with another guest. Wear it in the form of a wrap dress, sassy scarf or jeans.

If you’re well-versed in the animal print style rules, you’ll know that the modern way to wear it is by clashing them. Say, a leopard print trench paired with tiger print mules. If that’s too heavy handed for you, wear tiger stripes in the form of a cropped jacket, a slip dress over a white T-shirt, or high-waisted pants.

Python, or any variation of snake print, rules the wide world of accessories. To embrace yet another bold animal print, seek out handbags, mules, boots and bumbags in this slithering style.

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