Chopstick hack: How to use chopsticks like a pro'


Chopstick hack: How to use chopsticks like a pro'

By Menulog.

While they’re arguably the most intimidating eating tools for many of us, chopsticks have been the cutlery of choice across Asia for thousands of years.

In fact, almost one-third of the world’s population uses chopsticks every day, roughly the same amount that use knives and forks (who knew?). And on that note…

A novice’s guide to chopstick etiquette:


1. Ignore your mum’s advice. Despite your mum always nagging you about ‘shovelling food’ into your mouth, it's actually great etiquette to eat rice by holding the bowl up to your face, using chopsticks to push the grains directly into your mouth. In fact, it’s considered poor manners to eat from a rice or soup bowl without lifting from the table.

2. Sharing is caring. Show your love towards a family member by transferring a choice cut of meat or seafood from a common dish to their bowl. But beware, never pass food directly from one pair of chopsticks to another. This motion is extremely taboo and simulates a cultural funeral rite.

3. Need a half-time break? If you need to take a break, rest chopsticks on the side of your bowl, or on a stand, if it’s provided.

4. Finally finished? Rest chopsticks on top of the bowl to indicate you’ve finished your meal.


1. Ever been told not to point? Don’t rest chopsticks on the edge of your bowl, pointing towards others seated at the table. To avoid being deemed a rude diner, angle them slightly.

2. Tap Tap Tap. Don’t hit your chopsticks on the edge of your bowl or use them as drumsticks. Like, ever.

3. No stab wounds, please. Never spear food with a chopstick! If you’re having trouble picking up your food, a spoon is your plan B.

4. Don’t dig! Don’t use chopsticks to dig around in a bowl of food.

5. Beware bad omens. And finally, avoid leaving chopsticks vertically in a bowl of rice at all costs. This symbolises death – not ideal during light dinnertime conversation!

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