Kris Kringle and stocking-stuffers gift guide


Kris Kringle and stocking-stuffers gift guide

You know how it goes, all year you find a bunch of things that would make AMAZING Christmas gifts, but as soon as carols start playing, you draw a complete blank on what to buy for anyone. Whether you’re stuffing a stocking or buying for your workplace Kris Kringle, we can help you out with some sweet and simple gift ideas.

For the $10 budget

A $10 budget can feel a bit tricky to meet, but it can actually be pretty enjoyable. There really isn’t pressure when the budget is that small – you can just have fun with it and try to make it personal. If you’re buying for a family member or colleague, you are in a great position to see what it is that they use on a daily basis, and what it is that they really need.

Phone accessories
Do a little snooping and find out what type of phone they own and grab them a cute but inexpensive case. Make it personal, if your Secret Santa often loses their phone, get them a bright or sparkly one, or a lanyard to connect to it, and if they are a screen breaker add in a screen protector. Head to HappyTel and Mobile Beat for the latest in phone accessories.

Edible gifts
If you’re going to go down the edible gift route, try to pair it with something they can keep. So wrap a nice packet of tea with an inexpensive mug, add a pretty Christmas tree decoration to a box of chocolates or wrap a bottle of fancy sauce in a tea towel from Stacks.

Inspirational gifts
Ten dollars isn’t going to get you that far when it comes to helping people fulfil their dreams, but it could buy them a gift that nudges them in the right direction. A sketchbook, a set of watercolours, a note pad, a stopwatch – all of these are inexpensive items that can really show someone that you listen when they talk, and that you support their dreams. Head to Kmart, Target or Riot Art and Craft to shop craft supplies.

For the $20 budget

Surprisingly, you can do quite a bit in this category, just think about your recipient and decide if you want to be practical or whimsical.

Luxe necessities
There are so many options for trendy everyday items in store, like printed drink bottles, patterned umbrellas or colourful tote bags from Wild Cards and Gifts. All things that can be boring or beautiful. This is an area where you can really identify a need and fill it. So for your workmate who always brings lunch from home, gift a pretty bento box from Kmart or Smiggle. For the person who drags everything around in reusable shopping bags, get them a beautiful oilcloth or canvas tote.

A lot of games fall in this price range – and if the gifting is happening on Christmas day, think about what will create some sort of atmosphere. Ring toss, a badminton set, a card game. You could even put together a small package of ‘things to do’ in this price range if you choose your items wisely. Shop the latest and greatest games at Target, Zing Pop Culture and Sanity.

Reading material
Twenty dollars is more than enough to grab a paperback, an early chapter book or a super cute picture book from Kmart or Target. Keep an eye out for sales, and you may be able to pair it with a bookmark or a block of chocolate. Another option is, there are so many beautiful magazines around right now – search out Lunch Lady for the ladies, Smith Journal for the men and Kit or Teen Breathe for the teenagers from Fortune News.

For the $50 budget

This price range is all about spoiling someone with something they probably wouldn’t buy themselves – and if you have a bit of time up your sleeve, you can really do something special.

Themed presents
With a $50 budget, you can have a lot of fun putting together a hamper! And one of the best ways to do this is to pick a theme and run with it. To create a picnic hamper – just put a cheese board, a bottle of wine, and some non-breakable glasses in a basket from Stacks. For someone who likes gardening, fill a planter with some nice gloves, a trowel and a bunch of seeds. Home cooks, runners, beach bums and movie buffs can all be catered to creatively and thoughtfully with a themed hamper.

Personalised gifts
Personalisation is huge right now, and no, we aren’t talking about monogramming. A lot of stores have options for personalised gifts, from t-shirts to wine glasses, wallets to beach towels. This is a great way to show someone that you have put thought and effort into buying for them, and it’s also not the type of thing that people ever get done for themselves, so that makes it extra special.

Kitchen appliances
You can actually pick up some clever kitchen appliances in this price range, waffle and pie makers, popcorn machines and soda streams from Target. For someone who hosts a lot of kids parties; maybe something silly, like a fairy floss machine could be fun.

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