The Green Dry Cleaners

Green Dry Cleaners are an eco-friendly dry cleaning company dedicated to providing a premium dry cleaning service to its customers. We use eco-friendly liquid silicone to clean garments that only produce; sand, trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide as bi-products. So it’s safe for the environment.

The natural elements of liquid silicone used to clean clothes mean that Green Dry Cleaners don’t leave your clothes with an unpleasant chemical odour that you get from traditional dry cleaners.

Green Earth Dry Cleaning is ecologically safer than other dry cleaners and are also better for fabrics. Scientifically proven our dry cleaning practices rely on natural elements to provide you with the most environmentally friendly and best quality garment cleaning service possible.

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Wed 21st Nov


Thu 22nd Nov


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Sat 24th Nov


Sun 25th Nov


From P6 cross the pedestrian crossing, store is on the left

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Enter via Town Centre Drive (North end) to Blue P6, Blue P6