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Three cute and easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids


Three cute and easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids

Looking for an original costume for Halloween? Read on for @thejessiejean's tutorials on how to make these fun (but not particularly scary) costumes that your kids will sure to love. So which will you pick - a magical rainbow unicorn, a floaty jellyfish or a bright sunflower? Pick up everything you need to make these costumes from Target, Kmart, Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.

Unicorn head piece and tail

Unicorn Head Piece

What you will need:

  • Multi-coloured tulle - 120cm piece
  • Pink ribbon - 120cm piece
  • White felt - A4 piece
  • Pink felt - A5 piece
  • Gold florist wire
  • Headband
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  1. To create the unicorn's mane, fold your tulle in half and cut 5cm wide strips towards the fold, leaving the last 5cm before the fold uncut.

  1. Bunch the tulle together where it used to be folded, tie the ribbon around the centre of the bunch, then fasten the mane to the middle of the headband. Further secure with glue.

  2. For the unicorn horn, cut the white felt into a triangle, snipping the top point off. Roll the felt into a cone shape, before sticking hot glue along the outmost edge to secure. Cut the excess felt off the bottom of the horn to create an even base.

  1. To give the horn structure, stuff it with leftover tulle. Then, tuck one end of the gold florist wire into the bottom of the cone, twirling it around the outside until you reach the top. Glue at both ends.

  2. With the leftover white felt, measure the base of the horn and cut two circles. Glue one of the circles to the base of the horn.

  1. Once dry, glue the horn to the middle of the headband over the mane. Glue the second felt circle to the bottom of the horn, with the headband and knot of the mane in-between the two felt circles to hold everything together.

  1. To make the unicorn ears, cut two leaf-shaped ears from the white felt and two smaller ears from the pink felt. Glue the pink ones on top of the white ones to create the 'inner ear'. Cut an incision at the base of the ears and glue together to create a curve.

  2. Glue the ears to headband on either side of the horn.

Unicorn Tail

What you will need:

  • Multi-coloured tulle - 50cm piece
  • Pink ribbon - 50cm piece + 1m piece
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  1. Take your 50cm piece of tulle and cut 5cm wide strips stopping 5cm before the end, so all strips are still connected along one edge.

  1. Glue your ribbon at every 4th strand of tulle, then roll along the connected edge of the fabric to form a tail. Glue at the end to secure.

  2. Wind 3 pipe cleaners around the top of the tail to further secure and glue down.

  1. Wrap a 1m piece of ribbon around the pipe cleaners to cover them, then double knot to fasten. This ribbon will be the waistband so the tail can be worn.

Now, all you need is a sprinke of magic and your little unicorn will be on their way.


What you’ll need:

  • A small, clear bubble umbrella
  • Lots of different coloured ribbons or strips of fabric
  • Black felt - 2 x A4 pieces
  • 15cm wide strip of metallic fabric, slightly longer than your umbrella's circumference
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Sticky tape
  1. Cut your ribbon to different lengths to create your jellyfish tentacles (this costume uses 80cm, 70cm and 65cm strips, but make these longer or shorter according to your child's height).

  2. If you're using any wired ribbon, curl them by twirling the strands around a stick.

  1. Start gluing your ribbons along the inner, bottom edge of your umbrella, ensuring even coverage of tentacles with the exception of the two front panels. (Top tip: Let each panel of ribbons dry before starting on the next to avoid tentacles shifting while the glue is still wet). With the front two panels, attach fewer ribbons so your child can see through them.

  1. To cover the attached ends of the ribbons, add a 15cm wide strip of fabric around the outer base of the umbrella. To ensure the fabric sits nicely along the umbrella wires, cut slits and overlap the fabric on these joints, smoothing each down with a little glue.

  2. To bring your jellyfish to life, draw and cut two eyes from the black felt. Glue these eyes to the front of the umbrella. Secure with sticky tape until they are dry.

It's time to float into the spooky season with matching metallic gumboots and ensemble.


What you’ll need:
• 5 x yellow felt pieces - A4 size
• Yellow tulle
• Yellow pom pom strand
• Yellow ribbon - 1m
• 10 yellow pipe cleaners
• Florist wire
• Florist tape
• Scissors
• Measuring tape
• Hot glue gun

  1. To create your beautiful sunflower, first measure around your child’s face with a measuring tape and add 3 cm to it.

  2. Cut the florist wire to this measurement and bend it into a circle, twisting the ends together to secure.

  3. Wrap the wire hoop in florist tape and glue together at the end.

  1. Cut two 50cm lengths of yellow ribbon, then wrap each of these pieces around one half of your hoop to cover it. As you finish each half, secure the ribbon with glue. Leave the remaining lengths of each ribbon hanging out as these will be used to tie the sunflower around your child’s head.

  1. Cut your A4 pieces of yellow felt in half and cut 1 petal from each piece.

  2. Glue the top half of a pipe cleaner to the middle of each petal.

  1. Cut small rectangular pieces of tulle, then twist and tie a piece to the bottom of each petal around the pipe cleaners.

  2. It's time to assemble your sunflower, wrap each pipe cleaner attached to the petals around your wired hoop, securing with glue when you come to the end. Repeat until your entire hoop is covered with petals.

  3. Add hot glue between each petal, where they overlap to further secure your sunflower.

  1. Glue the tulle attached to each petal away from the middle of your sunflower, so the pieces don't fall in your child's face.

  2. Finally glue a string of yellow pom poms at the base of the petals to finish your blooming sunflower.