Quintessential Aussie foods you need to try


Quintessential Aussie foods you need to try

Can you do a Tim Tam Slam? Do you love Vegemite? Are you a BBQ-pro? We've rounded up some quintessential Aussie snacks that we've grown up on and still love. Whether you want to relish in the sweet taste of nostalgia, try something new or surprise an international visitor, here's what to stock up on.

Cheesymite Scrolls

If you've grown up in Australia in the last 24 years, chances are you've seen a cheesymite scroll popped into your lunchbox at some point. And hey, what's not to love? You've got the perfect combination of Vegemite, golden melted cheese rolled into freshly baked bread. Visit Bakers Delight today.

Vegemite Shapes

Vegemite. The salty, dark spread made from brewer's yeast that's packaged in jars with sunny yellow lids and labels, lives in just about every household in the country. You either love it or you hate it and if you love it, we've got news for you! Arnott's have released Vegemite and Cheese flavoured Shapes biscuits just in time for the long weekend. If that wasn't enough though, they've even ditched their traditional hexegon-shaped cracker for a shape of the Australian continent. So you may want to - not walk - but run to Woolworths to pick up a box of these limited edition Shapes.


Aussies are great at barbecues, if not the best, but that's a topic for another day. There's so much variety on offer, you can opt for steaks, chicken, lamb, fish, veggies but you just need to look at the legendary Bunning's Sausage Sizzle to know that snags are a staple at any good barbecue. Stock up on locally made sausages perfect for the barbie at the Gold Coast at Saville's Butchery.

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