5 minutes with Fashion Stylist - Denis Todorovic


5 minutes with Fashion Stylist - Denis Todorovic

5 minutes with fashion stylist Denis Todorovic

As the new addition to Personal Styling at Westfield Geelong, we wanted to pick his brain about the life of a stylist, his favourite client to date and everyday wardrobe staples.

First things first, what is your preferred nick name?

Where did you grow up?
Waurn Ponds

Your style in 3 words?
Urban, Monochrome - and a little touch of - Camp

What were you doing before styling?
Working in hospitality and retail. The man behind the coffee machine at “Lemon and Lime” on Little Malop Street. Way back when Westfield was Bay City, I spent my time between Sunglass Hut and Zu Shoes. My first full time job was as a Buyers Assistant at Myer head office. This is where I realised maths and money wasn’t my forte and I needed to move into a more creative role.

When did you know you wanted to be a stylist?
It didn’t happen until I started watching the Rachel Zoe project on TV when I was 19 years old. I never really quite understood what a stylist was or did but after watching that, I remember sitting on the couch in tears telling my boyfriend at the time – that is what I want to do. She is the O.G hot gossip celebrity stylist!

Tell us what was your first stylist role?
First stylist role was working as an intern at InStlye UK (magazine). I was working in Public Relations in London sending fabulous products out to stylists and magazines when I realised that I wanted to be the stylist on the receiving end of all the products and styling for magazines. This is where I moved into my first stylist role styling London based TV presenter, Laura Whitmore.

Who’s your style icon?
Carrie Bradshaw

Well to start with, Patricia Fields is the style genius behind the styling of Sex and the City.
Carrie Bradshaw represents a modern woman that mixes designer, vintage and chain store purchases. Most importantly she has fun with fashion, and that’s what fashion is all about. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

What has been your biggest highlight in your career so far?
Styling Elle Ferguson’s Cosmopolitan (magazine) cover shoot.

This was my first cover EVER as a stylist and I had the pleasure of styling Elle Fergusons first Cosmo cover. It was magical, we shot it on a secluded beach in New South Wales, it was a cold winter’s morning but sunny as ever and everything just fell into place.

First celebrity client in Australia?
Anna Heinrich (Robards).

How was it working with Anna?
Just amazing! Working with Anna was really fun because we we’re both very new to the scene, she had just won The Bachelor, on Tim Robards Season in 2013. I moved to Sydney and at the time was just working in retail when the opportunity to style Anna came up. It was super casual we started off just styling her in my living room and then progressed to a project like the 2015 Logies wear she wore Pallas Couture.

We see you worked with Delta Goodrem, how you find working with Delta?
Detla Goodrem was awesome, we met in 2016 on a Cosmopolitan photoshoot. Not to mention how excited I was to work with her as I’m a huge Delta supporter and I was fan girl-ing hard.
After the photoshoot Delta’s team approached me to style her for the Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year award. It was such a huge moment for me as she was being inducted into the Cosmopolitan Hall of Fame.

What’s your plan this year in Geelong?
Reconnecting with my roots and working at my parent’s café “Three Little Figs”. I have been honoured and invited back to my old high school, Geelong High to work with them in a mentorship program which will be such a rewarding role for me. I have also been working on an upcoming event with Barwon Heath, which is so great to be able to give back to my community.
I spent most of my 20’s living away and almost trying to get out of a ‘small town’, now that I’m in my 30’s, I really can appreciate Geelong for the incredible city that it is. Geelong is booming and it has so much going for it, it makes me really proud to be back home and be welcomed back as a part of Geelong.

How do you think fashion has progressed in Geelong?
Geelong has come such a long way in the past 5 years. The women in Geelong have always been into fashion but the options weren’t strong. But after returning from living in Sydney, Geelong’s fashion has really elevated and grown. The Geelong shopper doesn’t need to go to Melbourne any more for her fashion and beauty needs, she has everything she needs right here in one City.

What are you looking forward to about your new role here at Westfield?
I cannot wait to sink my teeth into styling the Geelong shopper.
When I was younger and working in retail, my managers always naturally put me into the fitting rom position. I won’t lie, I never complained, this is where I thrived and shined. Whether it was helping a new mum find her style again or assisting a male shopper who is attending a wedding with no clue on what to wear. I love that personal experience you get with each customer.

What is your favourite shop in Westfield?
Country Road

Country Road are an iconic Australian brand, you can always rely on them for great wardrobe staples. They are really nailing it at the moment and the current trend injection is fantastic.

What would classify a great staple?
A wardrobe staple should be something that is first and foremost timeless. Something that you can use to mix and match. It has to be an item that you can team back with other items of clothing in your wardrobe.
Your wardrobe staple is simply your bread and butter. The flavoursome spreads are little injections of trends, cool fabrics and pops of colour but they’re not what you should be investing in.

What are common questions you get during style sessions?
How do I dress for my body and how do I dress for my age.

What are you most looking forward to as being a Westfield stylist?
Honestly just making people feel better about themselves.
I truly believe that when you look good you feel good.
If I can help someone re-gain their confidence or give them a new found confidence then my job is done!

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