DIY coloured sand bottles


DIY coloured sand bottles

If you have never had a coloured sand bottle on a shelf in your bedroom, chances are, you weren't born in the '80s. But don't worry, now is your chance to remedy that. This quintessential '90s craft project is packed full of nostalgia, so it goes perfectly with the retro resurgence we are currently seeing in stores! Instead of sand, we have used salt to get a more 'pastel' vibe, and we love how this new take on a classic project has modernised the look.


  • Table salt, LOTS of table salt
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • A glass bottle (ours are from Kmart)
  • A funnel
  • A bunch of bowls


  1. There are a few ways you can colour the salt – we tried different methods that included zip lock bags and baking trays, but the simplest and fastest way was to stir it up a bowl with the chalk. Just pour two cups of salt into a cereal bowl and stir with the chalk until it changes colour. The more pressure on the salt, the quicker it will change colour.

  2. Repeat the first step until you have a bunch of bowls of different coloured chalk.

  3. Use your funnel and a spoon to pour the salt into your bottle, one colour at a time, tilting the bottle to get different angles on the layers.

  4. When it's full to the top, pop your cork in. Just make sure the bottle is packed to the brim so the sand can't move.

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