Zara clothes collection


Zara clothes collection

As part of Zara's social and environmental commitment they are helping you to easily extend the lifespan of your clothes. Bring the clothes you no longer wear and put them in the containers in selected Zara stores.

All clothing collected in their network of stores is donated in aid of non-profit organisations. These clothes are separated and classified to ensure they get sent to the most suitable destination.

Your clothes will be donated, recycled and transformed into new fabrics, or they will be marketed in order to finance the social projects developed by these non-profit organisations.

Current technology only allows for textile recycling of clothes that are 100% cotton, wool or polyester, and that is precisely why we collaborate on research projects that aim to make recycling more types of fabric a possibility in the future.

Zara have collaborated with the company Lenzing in the development of REFIBRA™, a fibre made from recycled cotton and wood sourced from sustainably-grown forests. They are also in the process of creating a circular system that will allow them to hand over the cotton textile residue from their supply chain, which they will then transform into this new fibre.

The goal of the project is that, one day, this cotton will come from the clothes collected in stores.

Zara also collaborate with MIT to promote initiatives coming from Spanish universities or research centres that work towards advancing the circular economy of the textile sector, thanks to the MIT-Spain Inditex Fund for Sustainability.

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